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Battuta, a travel and experience blog, provides you with information about the world's famous tourism countries, as well as interesting and attractive destinations that are not known to everyone. Our website is named after Ibn Battuta, the greatest traveler of the Middle Ages. Ibn Battuta made bold journeys to Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, little known to Europeans. He traveled non-stop for 28 years. Inspired by this magnificent person, we named our blog Battuta.

Ibn Battuta

What We Do

In our articles, we try to touch our readers on almost every subject related to the subject called travel, from the beauties of different geographies, interesting customs, different travel routes that are not known to everyone, and in addition to what new travelers should know

Our Mission

Instead of frequently mentioning stereotypical countries and regions in the world in our articles, we mostly work and present different destinations that are less known but do not lag behind the known tourist spots in terms of attractiveness. Sometimes on the contrary, we like to talk about less experienced, interesting and mysterious features of world famous touristic places.

Our Vision

As Battuta blog, our main goal is not only to inform our readers, but also to ignite their desire to travel and explore different geographies of the world. That’s why we take different types of travel and process them in video and article forms for our readers. If our readers are surprised to see how different wonderful destinations there are on earth after hearing our articles and they want to experience them at least once, then as Battuta blog, we should be happy for our part.

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