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Paws on the go: useful tips for pet travelers

Traveling with a pet always requires a bit of preparation, whether your pet is experienced in travel or not. Below we have listed the do’s and don’ts when traveling with your pet; so when traveling with your best friend, the only thing on your mind will be to have a great vacation.

Can I see ID?

Animals traveling to foreign countries need documentation just like humans. A pet passport is required in countries that implement the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) system. The passport contains the animal’s vaccinations, its identity and microchip number, and the veterinarian’s approval signature. Since the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is not yet standardized, you should always research the pet policies of the countries you are leaving and traveling to to make sure your pet will be accepted. When it comes to our beloved pets, it’s never impossible for the worst to happen. Especially if your pet loves to roam outside… Using temporary ID collars with the number and name of your holiday accommodation will make it very easy to find your pet in case it gets lost.

Visit your vet for pre-holiday checkups

It’s important to visit your vet before you travel to make sure your pet is in good health and their vaccinations are up to date. Don’t go to the vet the last day, as some vaccines need to be given three weeks before travel to be effective. The veterinarian will write in the pet’s passport that everything is ready.

Your pet must not have taken medication while traveling

If your pet is getting restless while traveling, you may have taken various medications from your vet to calm him down. However, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends that your pet not take medication to avoid breathing and balance complications during the flight. Instead, try calming her with natural remedies like homeopathic tablets or a lavender oil massage before your flight. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly tire your pet out before the trip so that it sleeps throughout the trip. Traveling can be very stressful if your cat or dog is generally very restless. Solutions like the ThunderShirt, which puts calming pressure on the animal’s body, can also reduce travel anxiety.

If you are flying with your pet

You also need to buy a special pet flight ticket for your pet. Airlines have different policies and pricing when it comes to transporting pets. To be able to travel with you in the cabin, your pet must weigh no more than eight kilograms (weight rules may vary by airline policy) and must be able to fit under the seat in front of the IATA approved carry-on bag. As tempting as this may be, your pet can’t get out of its carry-on bag during the flight. Pets over eight kilograms are transported in the cargo hold. As scary as it may look down there, the flight crew knows there are pets on board, so they leave needs like light, ventilation, and heating on for your pet. You can find all this information and more on the airline’s website. No matter what type of pet you are traveling with, you should make sure to arrive at the check-in counter three hours before departure to have enough time to board.

If you are traveling by car

Animals roaming freely in cars can cause dangerous distractions. Hammock seat protectors with barriers to keep your pet out of the front seat can keep everyone safe throughout the journey. Dog vests with straps for cars also provide safety and save space in the backseat. You can stop by one of the pet stores near you to find a suitable solution for your vehicle. During long vehicle journeys, be sure to take a break every two or three hours to make sure your pet sees his needs. Thanks to the fresh air and movement, you’ll both be a little self-conscious before you set off again.

Choose one of the pet-friendly hotels when booking

This may seem obvious, but your hotel choice will of course be one of the pet-friendly hotels. Some hotels know no bounds in pet-friendly services: All animal species, from rabbits to dogs, who stay in Bristol Vienna, receive a king-size service quality thanks to special pet beds and treats. At the London hotel Rubens at the Palace, your pet will find special menus prepared with sausages or tuna for breakfast.

Don’t forget to bring water, toys and extra food with you.

Just as you travel with items that you believe bring good luck, animals are more comfortable seeing something familiar with them. A blanket or their favorite plush toy will keep them comfortable and entertained throughout the journey. You should not wait until you reach your destination to buy your pet’s food; because you may not find the right brand or type. However, it may not be possible to bring a few kilos of food with you. The best idea is to bring enough food for a few days and contact a local vet to see if the brand you’re using is available at your destination. For long vehicle journeys, you should not forget to have extra water with you; maybe your faithful friend won’t ask you for water directly, but they still need to drink water regularly.


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