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6 of the world’s most interesting campgrounds for adventurers

If you have a challenging but enjoyable hobby like camping, you can start new adventures by discovering the most interesting camps in the world. If you already have the excitement of sleeping peacefully in a comfortable sleeping bag and tent, talk to your loved ones around the campfire, sing songs, and show your adventurous personality. When you travel “home” on your back, you will find an adventurous place in the most beautiful and interesting camps in the world. A holiday awaits you.

Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Located on the border of the United States and Canada, this magnificent national park offers unforgettable camping opportunities. The park, which is especially suitable for families with children, can be a great place for your pet, if any. You can go for a walk in the bosom of nature in a unique atmosphere that will give you life energy, swim in a boat in its clear waters and breathe the mountain air. If you want, by the lake; If you want, you can rent ready-made tents in a wooded area or set up your own tent. Serving with camps set up in 13 different regions, Glacier National Park offers numerous alternatives such as fishing, hiking, fireplace conversations and barbecues, climbing and cycling.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

The location and soil of the camp, and even the type of soil, are very important to the campers. Iceland’s paradise is the perfect time to retreat to Lake Myvatn, the perfect place to camp. All you need to open the doors of your holiday in the pastoral rural atmosphere is to turn your route to the north of Iceland with your tent and sleeping bag. During your camp vacation, you can relax in the neon green grass of the camp, look at the northern lights, witness the color mix, rent a bike, rent a bike and go for walks in the fresh air. The best time to camp in such a beautiful place is September-April, when the northern lights are visible.

waldseilgarten Tree Campground, Germany

A camping tent on a tree branch in Germany is very close to you! You can relax in the Waldseilgarten camp, which offers a very different experience from the usual camps. The popularity of tree camping in recent years has brought an interesting perspective to camping sports or vacations. Although for those who go camping for more adventure or romance; Many camps, such as Waldseilgarten, now use the concept of a tree camp in their facilities. By camping in a tree, you can burn firewood that you will never forget and look for the best German airline tickets that fit your budget.

Sardinia, Italy

In Sardinia, where you can stay in small camp huts that are a little more luxurious and sophisticated than standard camping tents, the sea will be just two steps away from you. Although we are mostly familiar with the trinity of sea, sand and sun from crowded and expensive resorts; It is possible to camp in Sardinia at very reasonable prices. At the same time, if you are on vacation with a large group, there are places where you can rent a caravan. It is impossible not to admire the camps along the Emerald Coast, its quiet beaches and the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Idaho, USA

Teepee Camping, with examples from many parts of the world such as wooden campgrounds; There is no doubt that the tradition of camping in a traditional Hindu tent is specific to Native American communities. In Idaho, camping with Hindu tents gives people an invaluable sense of joy, and is often preferred by campers because of its bulky structure, easy installation, and larger indoor space.

Eco Campground, Patagonia, Chile

If you are both an adventurer and a camp enthusiast, and are accustomed to seeing new places and discovering mountains and slopes in places you have never seen before, this natural ecological camp in Patagonia, Chile, is for you. Located right in the center of Torresdel Paine National Park, this eco-camp is an example to the whole world, as architects have been using green technology since the construction of the tent capsules. Enjoy the panoramic views of the magnificent Torres del Paine and enjoy local Chilean cuisine. The biggest advantage of the camp in Chile is the close observation of wildlife.


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