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A vacation full of adventure: once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences

Our topic is all about embracing your adventurous side, facing your fears and jumping headfirst into an unforgettable experience. Give these 11 once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that we can’t wait to say “yes” to, give a chance.

Volcano surfing in Nicaragua

When you are on this 728-meter giant volcano, when you look down you feel as if an endless descent of dark and black volcanic pebbles is waiting for you, and you realize that there is no chance to give up anymore. The only way back is to slide down a makeshift wooden sled at record speeds of 95 kilometers per hour. Over the past years, the aptly named Cerro Negro (Black Peak) has become the ideal place for an extraordinary sledding activity. The fact that this volcano, which recently erupted in 1999, has only fallen into a small sleep, adds to all this excitement exponentially. The epic 45-minute climb offers views of the Cordillera de Maribios Mountains stretching all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and after a short adrenaline-filled descent, you find yourself with a smile on your face that was black with will.

Diving into icy waters on New Year’s eve

Starting the new year right means countless traditions around the world, but none of these traditions are as effective as diving into icy waters that will wake you up and energize you for a fresh start. In Vancouver’s English Bay Beach, the Polar Bear Swim Club organizes the Polar Bear Swim event on January 1 each year, where hundreds of participants plunge into the ice-covered waters by running. The first group consisting of 10 brave swimmers in the 1920s, when it was held for the first time, has reached more than 2,500 today! On the cool shores of the Netherlands, it’s not uncommon for thousands of daredevils wearing Christmas caps to swim for the Nieuwjaarsduik (New Year’s Dive). But when it comes to entering icy waters without fear, no one can beat the hands of the Scots in Queensferry. The funny-wearing Scots do justice to Loony Dook (crazy diving).

Bungee jumping from Macau Tower in Macau, China

If bungee jumping is on your to-do list before you die, we recommend the highest possible spot, the Macau Tower. This bungee jumping activity from a height of 233 meters is one of the most extreme experiences where you can say “yes”. You have no excuse not to sign up as it can be done 365 days a year! This “leap of faith” that thrill-seekers take over Macau’s metropolitan landscape has been going on since 2001. You may not be ready to take this jump yet and are looking for another creepy experience. With the Macau Tower Climb, you will be able to climb to the 338-meter-high summit of the tower with the help of railings and stairs and watch the unique view of the city from the top of the tower.

Boat trip on the Amazon River in Brazil

Have you ever dreamed of navigating the gloomy and dark waters of the Amazon River just like a modern Indiana Jones? From Manaus, often referred to as the heart of the Amazon, you can take one of the many boats to Belém and join a five-day excursion along the shores of the Brazilian jungle. As you slowly traverse villages and dense forests, you’ll catch sight of tamarin monkeys, macaws, pink dolphins and the famous caimans. If you wish, you can buy an outside deck “stay” ticket and fall asleep in a swinging hammock (you have to bring your own) amid the sounds of the forest. If you want to squeeze a little trip in between your boat trip, you can get off at Santarém, a 36-hour boat ride from Manaus, and drive to the nearby Ilha do Amor (Island of Love). This is a river beach that disappears during the rainy season as the jade waters of the Lago Verde lagoon rise.

Join the Cross Egypt Challenge in Egypt

Get ready to burn tires on the road from the Mediterranean to the Great Pyramids of Giza with a daring group of 75 motorcyclists. Held since 2011, the Cross Egypt Challenge brings together motorcyclists from 28 different countries on a 3,000-kilometer journey across Egypt’s unique terrain. At the end of the nine-day struggle, you will have discovered all the secrets of the crowded capital Cairo, the lush Nile Valley, and the endless deserts that stand in stark contrast to them. After battling harsh, dry weather conditions during the day, and sometimes downpours, you’ll also appreciate staying in 3- to 5-star hotels at night.

Skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand

Where even falling from the sky is commonplace, New Zealand’s Queenstown has gained a reputation as a hub for extreme experiences. If it’s your first time skydiving, it’s only natural that you want to do it in the skies where tandem sky diving first appeared in New Zealand. Keep your head up, smile and don’t forget to shout “yes” while jumping out of the plane! Don’t forget to breathe as you drop at 200 km/h and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the Wakatipu basin with the Remarkables mountain range. The drop may only take a few minutes, but the organizers often offer videos and photos so you can relive every second of this first skydiving experience.

Sinkhole diving in Yucatan, Mexico

Diving in a sinkhole (underwater cave) in this place, which has a name like Dos Ojos (Two Eyes), makes you feel like you are looking deep into the belly of the world. In the company of a fully qualified dive master, you will have the opportunity to explore two neighboring caves filled with stalactites and pillars. The first zone offers the opportunity to swim among the sunbeams, while in the second zone these bright passages give way to dark corners where daylight rarely reaches, adding excitement to underwater exploration. Since the maximum diving depth is 10 meters, this place also appeals to amateur divers who are certified to dive in open waters. The shallow areas of the sinkhole, which offers easy access over a wooden platform, also attract the attention of families and small adventure lovers who want to snorkel in waters at 26°C.

Complete the survival course in Värmland, Sweden

Deep in the wilderness of the Värmland region near Sweden’s Norwegian border, you can learn to master your bushcraft skills like a true adventurer. Amidst the natural habitat of wolves, bears and lynxes, you will have the chance to get to know local plants and animals, and learn important basic skills such as making fires, camping and fishing. Organized for you to team up with your co-workers and accompanied by an instructor, Wilderness Experience International Survival School teaches first aid survival from extreme situations, reading the compass, and basic food preparation techniques for surviving in an emergency. Not only will you experience the great challenge of learning how to survive, you will also know how to save other people through this experience.

Swim with sharks in Fiji

Saying yes to adventure can sometimes mean facing your fears, and it’s only natural that swimming alongside razor-toothed predators is a nightmare. However, at Shark Reef Marine Reserve, a shark sanctuary in Fiji, you will not only push the limits, but contribute to shark population conservation efforts while ensuring the sustainability of the local ecosystem. You will be able to witness impressive feeding displays of bull sharks by diving to 30 meters off the rocks of Beqa Lagoon. At the shallower ends of an area known as the ‘in’, smaller shark species whitetip reef and blacktip reef sharks can be seen circling comfortably around divers. It should be noted that only authorized divers who have participated in at least 30 open water dives can participate in this experience.

Become an astronaut for a day in a zero-gravity flight

If flying to the moon is among your dreams, but you think it is not an achievable goal, why not try to settle for the unique experience of zero-gravity flight? Thanks to a technology developed by ZERO-G Experience ®, you can soar just like astronauts in a specially arranged Boeing 727 known as G-FORCE ONE. The technique of flying in parabolic arcs and making sudden ascents at 45 degree angles towards the sky creates zero gravity in the cabin for about 30 seconds. With the ZERO-G flight suit, you will be able to do somersaults and glide inside the plane like Neil Armstrong. Of course, such a unique experience also requires a unique budget of $4,950 (+tax). Flights are Cape Canaveral, Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; It takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and Oakland, California.

Participate in a silly contest

If you’re one of those people who shy away from being comfortable, you can challenge yourself by getting dirty and doing silly things with a unique competition. Being the king of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest sounds delicious, right? Every July 4th since 1916, a weird hot dog eating contest has been held at a corner restaurant in Coney Island, New York, and if you’re determined to be next year’s champion, you have to break the record of eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Taking a deep breath and diving into muddy waters may also be associated with courage. In the elusive Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, each year crazy participants voluntarily dive into a swamp, trying to snorkel 50 meters of muddy water in record times of under 2 minutes. Creative costumes are also rewarded during the World Muddy Water Snorkeling Championships, and last year’s winner was a pantomime unicorn. So what are you waiting for? Say “yes” and take your dive!


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