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Beauty without mercy: Philippines

If you are a nature lover, if you think ‘nature is the thought that can be seen’, if you love the sea and water, then the Philippines is for you! As The Battuta blog, we have completed our trip to the Philippines and we have listed the places you should see, the food you should eat and the activities you should do. Although the history of this country of islets, consisting of approximately 7107 islands, dates back to 50,000 years ago, its known history begins with Magellan in 1521. They regained their full freedom in 1987 after long struggles, and despite the natural disasters they have been through since then, their nature remains magnificent. They are proud of the world’s largest underground river, rainforests, volcanic geography and magnificent nature colored by turquoise waters. The fact that the local texture is still preserved in the Philippines and the colorful culture of the country are the biggest beauties that attract all kinds of tourists. We loved this island country, we are sure you will too! The moment you decide to go to the Philippines, your biggest (and only) problem is deciding which of the 7107 islands to go to. You can go to Boracay with its white and magnificent coral beaches, to Bohol to see the famous chocolate hills, to Cebu to swim with whale sharks, and to Palawan if you are looking for calm, peace and romance.

Palawan Island: Calmness and Tranquility

It is one of the regions of the country that is relatively underdeveloped, does not have luxury, attracts fewer tourists and has remained the most natural. Sea, diving, sun, beach, books, calmness and peace are here. Our first recommendation for you on this island is Puerto Princesa, which is home to the longest underground river in the world. This underground river (Subterannean River National Park) is also one of the ‘new 7 natural wonders of the world’. While you are visiting this underground river, when you enter the cave, everything becomes dark. While you are walking in the canoe with the tour guide, your only companions are the bats inside! A unique experience in every way. Meal Suggestion: If you like Mexican cuisine, you can go to Taco Loco in Puerto Princesa. The tacos of this Mexican restaurant, which is open until late, are very famous in Puerto.

El Nido Town

The next stop after Puerto Princesa is El Nido, which you can reach with a 7-hour minivan ride. This is a town full of untouched coves where you will be amazed by the thousands of shades of turquoise, marvel at the smoothness of the sand grains. You might be ready to feel like Friday with Robinson. El Nido is actually a tiny town. It has one main street andseveral side streets, and life in the town takes place in these areas. What makes El Nido so beautiful is the boat trips from EL Nido to the islands in Bacuit Bay. They have divided 20 unique destinations in this region into 4 boat tours as A, B, C and D, and each tour has a different taste. Also, if you want, you can join two-day boat tours and stay overnight on a deserted island! It’s just you, your tent, your supplies for the next morning, and other travelers staying with you on the island. The boat takes it back in the morning and continues the tour! The most important boat tours; Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and Secret Lagoon. Boat tours take a full day and cost around USD 25 per person. Meal Suggestion: ‘Republica Sunset Bar’ is the favorite place of young people in El Nido. Here you can grab a beer and watch the sunset. The youth of El Nido are always here.

Coron Island: A Turquoise Island

Coron Island is a great choice for diving If you can’t get enough of the sea and the sun in El Nido, if you are interested in diving and life under the sea, Coron can be your next stop. Just as beautiful as El Nido! You can reach Coron in 4-6 hours by ferry from El Nido or by flying planes from the surrounding islands. In order to go from one place to another in the city of Coron, three-wheeled and motorized ‘tricycle’ vehicles are boarded. While you’re all the way to Coron, try a tricycle ride at least once to feel like someone from this island, you’ll probably love it. The most beautiful place in Corun city center is Mount Tapyas (Tapyas Hill), where you can watch the sunset. If you have time, you can head to Maquinit Hot Springs, a salty hot spring half an hour from the city center. Would you like to enter the hot waters in 35 degrees weather, of course that is different! Like El Nido, Coron’s greatest beauty is the boat tours to the surrounding islands. The most impressive place among these boat tours is Kayangan Lake. If you like Kayangan Lake, it means you will love Barracuda Lake right next to it. If you have a scuba diving certificate, you can dive into sunken ships from the Second World War. The 120-metre-long sunken Japanese ship is the most popular among diving enthusiasts visiting Coron. Food recommendation: If you want to try local dishes, you can eat at Island Boy Grill one evening. Its menu consists of local dishes. The next stop after Coron was Cebu.

Cebu Island: The Philippines’ Craziest

Like Coron Island, Cebu Island offers a different diving experience. Cebu Island is referred to as the ‘Queen of the South’ in the Philippines. In Cebu, you can both spend time in the city part and do nature tours around the island. This is an island that will meet the expectations of tourists in both respects. You can reach Cebu from the surrounding islands by ferry or plane. If you want to go by ferry, you can check the websites of Ferry2go and Supercat companies. Jeepney is the most popular public transport in Cebu city. His story is as follows; The Americans left the jeeps they used during the war when they were withdrawing from the country, and the Filipinos made these jeeps to carry passengers in the back. In these vehicles, which can carry up to 20 passengers, you can listen to the music playing the last sound inside the vehicle while bouncing on the one hand. There is no doubt that it is a very original tool! The most unusual activity of Cebu Island is swimming with Whale Sharks. In the city of Oslob, you have the chance to swim with a whale shark, 5-6 meters in length and 2-3 meters in width! These sharks, which are harmless to humans because they feed on plankton, approach the ocean shore in Oslob every morning, and you can go with them in a boat when they are nearby and drop yourself into the water, next to the whales! For this, you can take a private tour from a tour agency in Cebu City or go to Oslob and sign up at the local agency there. This experience, where you can see a shark in its free environment and even swim together, must be one of the most special experiences in the Philippines. This dive costs about 24 Usd per person. Another beauty of Cebu Island is Kawasan Falls. Consisting of three stages, these waterfalls become more beautiful as they go up. If you want, you can also buy a canyon tour and jump from the highest points of the waterfalls with a guide. Our last Philippines proposal is Bohol Island. If you want to end your Philippines trip with white beaches, Alona Beach and White Beach on Bohol Island should be the right address for you. Also, if you go all the way to Bohol, you can visit the famous Chocolate Hills! The Philippines is a unique nature, a unique experience. After a trip to the Philippines, be sure; If there is a paradise on earth, it is the Philippines.


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