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Berlin flea markets: a nostalgic journey through the German capital

This has now become a weekend activity in itself: Berliners spend their time searching for second-hand items at the countless flea markets and vintage clothing stores scattered around the city. If you’d like to join the hunt for one-in-a-million treasures, these 7 fantastic stores in Berlin are the ideal place to start.


You can find one of the city’s best flea markets at Boxhagener Platz; however, it also means that on Sundays when Berlin is swept by flea market fever, the place will not fall apart if you throw a needle. Luckily, instead of cell phone accessories and cheap synthetic fabrics, you’ll find rows of antiques, vintage clothing, collections from young Berlin designers, vinyl records, and more. Berliners, exchange students, artists and musicians are the happy regulars here, and since there are three playgrounds in the park here, it is also a perfect place to stop by when traveling with children. We guarantee you will not return empty handed from Boxi!

Where: Boxhagener Platz
Tel: No
Nearest Station: Warschauer Straße


Have a particular interest in the sophisticated second-hand clothing of Berlin’s fashion scene? Sommerladen is for you! From suits, jackets, dresses and blouses to hats and glasses, clothes designed by famous designers are sold here at bargain prices. The owner of the store, Johanna, is also a really talkative person with a deep knowledge of everything she sells. So when you come here, you should definitely listen to his expert advice. Even if you’re just passing by, it’s worth a stop in, as new items arrive in the store every day. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky owner of the next hidden gem. We know you will be very upset if you miss it.

Where: Linienstraße 153
Tel: +49 17 7299 1789
Nearest Station: Oranienburger Straße


Located on Eisenacher Straße, Firlefanz is a well-stocked store selling all kinds of classic clothes and accessories imaginable. The owner of the store, Gabriele Stache, spends his time looking for new goodies for his shop day and night, and we can say that his shop, which has been residing in its current location for almost 30 years, has now become a habit for his loyal customers. It is said that one of the clothes that Kate Winslet wore in the movie ‘The Reader’ was bought from this store. How about stopping by Gabriele and getting your own movie star outfit?

Where: Eisenacher Straße 75
Tel: +49 30 781 7475
Nearest Station: Weinmeister Straße

Colours Kleidermarkt

You can get anything you want in Kreuzberg. Bizarre shoes and bags, synthetic sweaters and practical hats, local designs, printed t-shirts, ethnic wear of all shapes and colors, and tons of everyday wear… But unlike other parts of Berlin, shopping isn’t one of Kreuzberg’s most appealing aspects, and it’s probably a pleasure here. You will not run from store to store screaming. Still, if there’s one thing Kreuzberg is good at, it’s secondhand shops; especially those in the Kreuzberg 61 area. Colors Kleidermarkt is a second-hand supermarket that lives secludedly on the first floor of a pleasant backyard on Bergmannstraße. The clothes, shoes, bags and belts here are surprisingly systematized; so for example, if you are thinking of buying a colorful poncho or a short leather jacket, you can easily browse through the poncho or leather jacket section instead of spending hours looking at a pile of moldy clothes. Is it the best? Prices are absolutely reasonable and you have the option to buy clothes by the kilo.

Where: Bergmannstraße 102
Tel: +49 30 6943 348
Nearest Station: Gneisenaustraße

Objets D’Art

While the owner is a bit of a queer and grumpy person, this second-hand shop selling vintage clothes deserves our recommendation as one of the many great places to visit in Berlin. The name of the shop is Objets D’Art and its business card explains it all: ‘Objets D’Art – Harder Than Others’. The shop consists of two rooms and the entrance to one of the rooms is closed by a chair. Although it is forbidden to enter here, if there is something special you are looking for, you can politely ask if it is there. Of course, it is impossible to know in advance that a polka-dot skirt made of green taffeta covered with crystal stones, which you would normally buy with pleasure, but that you did not even know existed, is inside, but unfortunately, this is how the shop works. Come on, find the hidden jewels lying in the trash; who knows, if you’re lucky you might find some incredibly stylish original Ray-Ban sunglasses from the 1980s.

Where: Gervinusstraße 15
Tel: No
Nearest Station: Adenauerplatz

Jumbo Second Hand

Just a few doors away from the rock fan favorite Wild at Heart on Wienerstraße is the equally legendary Jumbo Second Hand, which can be considered the antiques lover’s El Dorado. Shoes are particularly popular, and fans from far and wide swarm like vultures into piles of evening shoes, boots, and apartment heels. In addition to shoes, you can also find glittering 80’s dresses, Panama hats, ponchos and knitted women’s gloves here. This is a thrift corner store in the truest sense: a little too full, a little untidy, but full of treasures to be discovered. Only cash payment is accepted here.

Where: Wiener Straße 63
Tel: No
Nearest Station: Görlitzer Bahnhof

Onkel Phillips Spielzeugwerkstatt

Well, this Prenzlauer Berg establishment doesn’t actually sell clothing, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the great places in Berlin for those who love vintage items. Both rooms in this shop are filled to the ceiling with old-fashioned toys, so if you can’t keep your kids away from their Playstations, don’t even think about bringing them here. Onkel Phillip puts new wheels on doll carriages, repairs teddy bears’ severed eyes, replaces wheels on Matchbox cars, and freshens up wooden toys. There’s a lot of potential for great deals here, and it’s also a great place to swap a tricycle for a two-wheeler with support wheels as well. If you hate Toys’R’Us, you’ll love Onkel Phillips Toy Workshop, because nothing is too broken to fix here!

Where: Choriner Straße 35-36
Tel: +49 17 7449 0491
Nearest Station: Eberswalder Straße

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