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Blue-Blue city Chefchaouen, Morocco

Combining both pastel tones and all colors of the rainbow with a wonderful harmony and mysterious beauty, Morocco is one of the first choices for those looking for a peaceful and authentic experience. Although it has been overshadowed by cities such as Casablanca, we will talk about a place that is gradually getting out of this shadow and attracting attention. Whatever the explanation, when you enter this blue city, which has preserved its culture since the Middle Ages, it is certain that you will experience an effect that you cannot describe with any explanation. It will be a fascinating experience to wander through the narrow and maze-like winding blue streets as if you are wandering through a fantastic world.

Jewish refugees who settled in the city at the end of the 1930s painted the doors and windows, as well as the walls and streets of the houses, in blue, which represents the sky and heaven. The blue city, which also keeps scorpions, insects and mosquitoes away, is known by the local people as Shouven or Shavan. Medina, the old city center of the city, was surrounded by walls to protect it from external attacks. The two official languages of Morocco, Arabic and Berber, are spoken in Chefchaouen. French language awareness is also high in the city. Chefchaouen has a population of 45,000. Moroccan currency Dirham (MAD) is used in the city.

Chefchaouen Attractions

Uta El-Hammam Square: The heart of Chefchaouen, the square in the city’s Medina area. The cafes and restaurants surrounding it are full of locals and tourists sitting to watch the passersby.

Great Mosque (Grande Mosquée): Built by the founder of Chefchaouen in the 15th century, it is the largest mosque in the city, rising right next to the castle.

Kasbah (fortress): Chefchaouen ancient fort. There is a museum and art gallery inside the Kasbah. There are a lot of interesting things inside, so you should definitely visit it. In this way, you will learn the history of Chefchaouen more closely. Maybe you want to visit the castle as it offers a different city view from each floor, the entrance fee is 10 Dirhams. For city view, you can choose Jemaa Bouzafar Mosque.

Medina (old city): The place within the walls surrounding the Kasbah is the ancient city of Chefchaouen. Wander around the blue streets for hours.

Ras El Maa Waterfall: The waterfall, which is within walking distance when you leave the Medina, is definitely not a natural wonder, but it is a cooling point for the local people, especially in hot weather. You can come here to mingle with the local people.

Jemaa Buuzafar Mosque: A mosque built by the Spanish on a hill. After Ras El Maa Waterfall, come over a hill and come here. Remember, it takes about 15 minutes to climb this hill. Take your time and arrive early to find a spot to catch the view. The Spanish Mosque is definitely the most amazing place to soak up the sun in Chefchaouen.

Mohammed V Square: The main square of Chefchaouen. Located outside of the Medina, the city’s largest square with a French breeze.

What to do in Chefchaouen

If I were to make a to-do list in an azure city, I would write to get lost in the streets in the hills. You have to get lost in the streets to discover the tiny courtyards hidden among the deep blue houses and the most beautiful doors opening to those courtyards. You’ll see lots of colorful little shops on the streets, go inside and chat with the locals. Say “Hello” to youruncles and aunts sitting in front of his door with a cane in his hand and smiling at the passersby.

There are many baths in the city, if you have time, go and experience the bath. Tourists from all over the world come here. They prefer not only to see the blue streets, but also toimmortalize this blue world with their photographic frames. If you are a photography lover, this is the place for you.

What to Eat in Chefchaouen?

I must say in advance that you should not have big expectations in terms of taste here. It will be enough to save the day when you come to Chefchaouen, as you will taste delicious food in already very good places in cities such as Fes and Casablanca.

Cafe Restaurant Sofia: You can choose traditional Moroccan dishes to eat from Sofia cuisine. This is a family run business led by Sofia. It is located on the street just behind Uta El Hammam Square. Sofia has a menu mainly consisting of vegetable and meat dishes. Tajine, Morocco’s most famous dish, is very popular. You can try tajine and couscous with vegetables.

Chez Hicham: The restaurant of the Hicam hotel, which has a more elegant setting and is slightly more expensive in terms of price. I have read that their food is good, especially goat cheese salad and tajine are recommended, but they also offer more affordable meals.

What to Buy at Chefchaouen?

When you come to Chefchaouen, you will see that you will encounter local handicrafts that you have not seen in other cities of Morocco. Woven blankets, handmade blankets and rugs are among the most popular souvenirs here. If you have a leather product in mind when you come to Morocco, and if your plan is to come to Chefchaouen, definitely choose this place to buy leather bags and sandals. In the city of Fes, which is famous for its leather products, theprices are double and the place is very touristic. Although it is not as diverse as the products in Fes, you can choose it because the prices are very affordable.


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