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Center of Classical Music-Austria

With its excellent ski resorts, breathtaking natural beauties, magnificent cities and rich culture based on its rich history, Austria promises guests a unique holiday. While visiting the country, you can discover the cities where the important names of classical music grew up, or do winter sports on the slopes of the Alps. If you are looking at a map of Austria and are interested in the question “How to go to Austria, what to do there, where to see and eat in Austria”, you are in the right place for all questions.

Austria is located in Central Europe and covers most of the Alps within its borders. Surrounded by Hungary and Slovakia in the east, Switzerland in the west, Germany in the northwest, Italy and Slovenia in the south, and the Czech Republic in the north, Austria is one of the central countries of Europe. The Austrian capital Vienna is located in the southwest of the country. Transportation to Austria is provided from here, especially if the airline is preferred.

Austria Map for Travelers

When to go to Austria?

Austria spends all year under the influence of temperate continental climate. In summer, the average temperature is about 25 ° C. Due to the rapid rise in water temperature during this period, the beach season is thought to have begun with the arrival of June. In winter, the average temperature drops to 2 ° C. During the season, precipitation is reflected in the form of rain in the lowlands and snow in the high forest areas. Thanks to its mild climate, Austria is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe in all seasons. If you want, you can go to the village in winter and relax in the ski resorts. In summer, you can enjoy the sun by the lake, swim for hours and visit culturally significant places. Spring is the best time to discover the unique nature of Austria. Experienced travelers prefer the autumn months, when Austrian cities are more secluded.

Places to see in Austria

The older the history of a country, the more places to visit. The Republic of Austria is one such place. Every country has a different culture and history. Mainly Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz, Hallstatt and Innsbruck; It is one of the landscapes of the country.

Austrian Cities, Villages and Provinces

If you want to visit Austria, one of the cultural and artistic centers of Central Europe, the first place you should go is Vienna. This fairy-tale city, which has witnessed incredible wars throughout its history, has a charming beauty due to its location, especially in winter. Those who want to spend a white holiday in the ski resorts of Austria travel to the province of Tyrol. This is a natural paradise. Green in summer, white in winter …

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places in the country. This city, which brought a genius like Mozart to the history of world art, is home to many important art structures. There is so much to see in this romantic European city! Let’s take a brief look at Austrian cities.


You can add Vienna, the cultural center of the country, to the list of places to visit in Austria. You can enjoy the holiday season by watching open-air concerts in Vienna, the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, visiting historic buildings and museums such as Stefansdom, and walking the markets and shopping streets.


Located in the northern part of the Alps, Bregenz’s history goes back to the Roman Empire. Built on the shores of Lake Constance, the city owes its reputation to travelers with its calm atmosphere and sunset views. Bregenz’s most active days are at the festival, which begins in mid-July and ends in mid-August. Martinstrum is one of the city’s attractions.


As a small town, Eisenstadt manages to impress visitors with its architecture. There are four districts with different characteristics within the borders of the province. These include Eisenstadt-Oberberg; It hosts important structures such as Bergkirche, Klavarienberg and Heidnmavzoley. Eisenstadt-Unterberg is known as the old Jewish quarter of the city. st. Hotels with a pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you in Georgen.


Innsbruck is a city that fascinates visitors with its architecture and culture, such as Vienna and Graz. However, the presence of ski resorts in this city, which is considered to be the largest in the Alps, puts Innsbruck in a different position in the eyes of tourists interested in winter sports. In the city hosting the New Orleans Festival in the summer; In addition to skiing, you can visit museums, monuments and historic buildings all day long.


When it comes to holidays in Austria, Salzburg is mentioned as Mozart’s homeland as far as the capital Vienna. Wherever you go in the city, which is divided by the Salzakh River, you can find important details about the “Son of Salzburg”. Due to its compact city structure, you can visit many historical buildings and museums in a few hours.


One of the oldest settlements in Europe, Hallstatt is one of the oldest places in the Austrian travel guide! Known as the first Celtic settlement, Hallstatt is more beautiful than the fairy-tale city. This village, which can be visited by Hallstatt tours, is also protected by UNESCO. Located in the Alps, Hallstatt is a beautiful city that will take you to the world of dreams, especially with its reflections on the lake of the same name.

What and where to eat in Austria? What are the popular dishes?

When we talk about Austrian cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is meat dishes and pastries. Schnitzel, which can be enriched with a slice of lemon and a little butter, is one of the dishes we will definitely recommend to Viennese vacationers. During your Vienna vacation, you can taste Tafelspitz served with potatoes and horseradish. While touring the countryside, you can taste popular breads such as Vollkornbrot and Bauernbrot. The famous Austrian dessert Sachertorte helps travelers in a sweet crisis in a country with a highly developed cafe culture.

What Gift to Buy from Austria?

Austria offers attractive opportunities for travelers who do not want to return empty-handed from vacation. You can find all kinds of souvenirs about Mozart or Beethoven in all major cities, especially in Salzburg and Vienna. In addition, products inspired by Gustav Klimt and Augarten tiles attract a lot of attention. For those interested in gastronomy, Austria is like a paradise. On your holiday in Austria, you can have many options, from chocolate to cookies, from wine, apricot jam to pumpkin seed oil.

Austrian Nightlife

Classical music is at the heart of Austrian culture. Therefore, when it comes to nightlife, watching live performances in opera halls is one of the most popular activities in the evening. Salons in big cities attract many visitors with their eye-catching architectural details. In terms of nightlife opportunities, Vienna is one step ahead of all other Austrian cities. In the capital you can find entertainment venues of different styles. In Graz, where the student population is high, you can have fun in the taverns where you can mingle with the locals.


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