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Enjoy the silence: the lush and peaceful areas of Bangkok

Wandering through the bustling and scorching concrete jungle of Bangkok, you may yearn for a lush and peaceful place. Although green spaces in the Thai capital are dwindling, you can still find gardens and parks in the city where you can escape the noise and brutal sun. Below you can find our favorite green spaces in Bangkok.

M.R. Kukrit’s House

M.R. Kukrit’s House is a rare and precious oasis in the middle of Sathorn, which we can call Bangkok’s Wall Street. Composed of five dazzling teak-wood, traditional Thai-style buildings and surrounded by a tranquil lake and lush garden, this place is perfect for escaping Bangkok’s heavy traffic and sweltering midday heat. In addition to offering quiet relaxation, the resort’s five buildings are open to the public, and the late M.R., a respected Thai writer, poet and artist. It presents artifacts and exhibitions that shed light on Kukrit’s impressive life.

Where: Soi Prapinit
Tel: +66 2 287 2937
Nearest station: Chong Nonsi BTS

Lumphini Park

Stepping inside Lumphini Park in Bangkok is like stepping into another world. Here, Bangkok’s hot and misty concrete jungle gives way to lush green grass, a still lake, families picnicking, runners, cyclists and smiles. The stuffiness of Bangkok, of course, continues here as well – after all, it is located right on the edge of one of the busy business districts with high-rise buildings – but Lumphini still manages to give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. The most crowded hours of the park are morning and evening hours when the sun’s effect is felt the least. The area is bordered by cyclists’ lanes, while areas with outdoor exercise equipment offer free exercise.

Where: Lumphini Park
Nearest station: Lumpini MRT

Benjasiri Park

You can find this little oasis right in the heart of Sukhumvit. Green grass surrounds the central lake, and large-leaved trees embrace those who want to escape Bangkok’s relentless sun with their shadows. Despite all the activity created by groups doing strenuous exercise on the grass and people running on the paths in the park, Benjasiri Park manages to radiate an inexplicable tranquility that envelops one. As evening approaches, circus performers show off their skills to park residents sweating on outdoor exercise machines. Despite all this energy that the park emits, you can avoid physical activities and read your book by lying on a bench.

Where: Benjasiri Park
Nearest station: Phrom Pong BTS

Benjakiti Park

You can find Benjakiti Park’s expansive, lush parkland just steps away from one of Bangkok’s busiest public transit intersections. Due to the size of the park, the huge lake that can be visited by boat here also occupies a great peace. An intense sense of order prevails in Benjakiti, which offers the opportunity to escape from the hasty chaos of skyscrapers reflected from the glassy waters of the lake. Even the paths inside the park are separated from each other so that those who want to walk and those who ride bikes can have a pleasant stroll in the park.

Where: Benjakiti Park
Nearest station: Queen Sirkit Convention Center MRT

Bang Kra Chao

For a breath of fresh air, you can travel to Bang Kra Chao, a vast forest, mangrove and orchard where tuk-tuk horns are replaced by the chirping of birds. You can find many organized bike tours that will take you from the city to Bang Kra Chao, and if you feel like a local now, you can also come here by yourself using public transport. With a short cruise on Chao Phraya by boat from Klongtoei port, you will find yourself in Bang Kra Chao, considered the lungs of Bangkok. When you come here on the weekend, you can also stop by the floating market on the river.

Where: Bang Kra Chao
Nearest station: Klongtoei MRT

Chatuchak Park

This urban oasis with tropical trees, quirky waterholes and lush green lawns is probably Bangkok’s second favorite park after Lumphini Park in central Sathorn. Since most Thais don’t like the heat and midday sun, you might consider coming here before dark to enjoy the park alone. As darkness falls, fitness enthusiasts, families and food stalls make Chatuchak Park a whole lot more lively – and bustling. On weekends, tired people who have shopped at the nearby Chatuchak Market fill the benches to get some rest.

Where: Chatuchak Park
Nearest station: Mo Chit BTS

Jim Thompson House

The charismatic and mysterious world of Jim Thompson, known as the Silk King, awaits you right in the heart of Bangkok. Here you can discover how the famous businessman revived the dying art of silk making in a country whose customs he knew nothing about, and then vanished in Malaysia. You will benefit greatly from the impressive and talkative guides as you tour the world-famous Jim Thompson House, which is a work of art in itself, consisting of teak wood, adjacent Thai buildings built in the ancient Ayutthaya style. Visiting this house, built on an area of 2000 square meters and surrounded by a green and lush vegetation, will make you feel like you are traveling in time. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you can see the charming American owner of the house strolling among the trees in this beautiful and peaceful garden.

Where: Chatuchak Park
Tel: +66 2 216 7368
Nearest station: Mo Chit BTS

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