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Ha Long Bay Travel Guide : Where is Ha Long Bay ? Information About ? How to go ?

Not just Vietnam; Ha Long Bay, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, is 170 km away from Hanoi. When you come to Hanoi, you can buy a tour bus from here and travel to this magnificent place. You will reach Ha Long Bay in 3 hours with the tour bus that will depart at 7 am. Here in this article, we will tell you where Vietnam Ha Long Bay is, how to get there, how to take a tour one by one for you below. Let’s take a look at Ha Long Bay, which is the only reason why many tourists and travelers come to Vietnam.

About Ha Long Bay

Most of us grew up with Rambo movies. Do you remember that Rambo came to Vietnam in those movies; He fought fiercely for the United States. Ha Long Bay is also included in those scenes. When you watch the places in the movies live, people get very happy in a strange way. It’s hard not to be happy by saying “I’m glad I went out and followed my dreams”. Ha Long Bay fascinates you at first glance, as it is a place like in the movies.

Long Bay fascinates you at first glance, as it is a place like in the movies. Ha Long Bay, is one of the rare places where you can witness the visual feast of nature with its emerald sea and islets that suddenly steepen, which is actually home to about 2000 islands (Actually, these islands are limestone).

In fact, Ha Long Bay is not just for its beauty; It also stands out with its legends in Vietnam. For example, one of them is the legend of the dragon. Once upon a time, the dragons of the king of Vietnam blocked the ships of the enemies who came to conquer the country in this bay. To protect the soldiers, the mother dragon threw emeralds out of their mouths with the baby dragons, and these were petrified over time. Then these islands were created and they believe that.

For this reason, the bay is called Ha Long Bay. So, “The Descending Dragon”. Actually, there are a few more legends, but we do not want to prolong the discussion by mentioningthem. There are so many legends in Vietnam. Dragons and turtles are always sacred. So where is this Ha Long Bay?

Where is Ha Long Bay & How To Get There

Ha Long Bay is about 170 km from Hanoi.

There are 3 options to come to Ha Long. These : Coming by renting a car: You can come to the bay by renting a car from Hanoi, but we do not recommend renting a car in Vietnam. Arriving by bus: You can also take the bus from Hanoi. But the prices are around 7 dollars one way.

Coming to Ha Long Bay by Tour: This is how most tourists come to Ha Long Bay. Because they pick you up from your hotel, put you on your boat in the bay, and show you around with lunch and afternoon treats.

Meanwhile, $1,000 tours to Ha Long Bay are also available. There is no end to luxury. Most offer 2-3 night tours. But if you are going to spend low budget, you can choose the one-day one.

Ha Long Bay Tour Prices

If you choose to travel by tour, the tour generally starts at 7 am. The bus picks you up from the hotel. Then he collects everyone from the hotels one by one. They give a ticket to everyone on the bus. You should know that you will enter all the islands with this ticket and you should not lose it. The tour includes lunch. But the food is scarce, there is no bread. They serve more veggie dishes.

If you ask what is on the menu:

  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Octopus
  • Rice
  • There is fruit
  • In the evening, wine, french fries and fruit are served.

Ha Long Bay Attractions

We head towards the places to visit in Ha Long Bay, or rather the islands and lagoons. The places to visit on the Ha Long Bay tour are actually very close to each other. If you take a 1-night tour, you can see most places.

There are actually 3-4 points to visit on the Ha Long Bay tour. Caves, lookout points and islands. Of course, floating villages are also in this bay, but in order to see it, you need to take a tour with a stay of at least 1 night. For your information.

Sung Sot Cave

Our first stop is this cave. Let’s say right away: Never call it a cave. Perhaps most of you have never seen such a fascinating cave in your life. The stalactites and stalagmites make you feel like you are trying to escape from the dragons in Hollywood movie scenes with the extraordinary lighting. Also, the cave is quite large. There are 3 sections in it and you can visit all of them one by one with a guide. Of course, there are dozens of legends about this place. For example, inside, the mother dragon fed the baby dragons; stalactites and stalagmites come to life while fighting; they tell quite a story.

Luon Cave and Lagoon

This place is located in a bay just 30 minutes from Sung Sot cave. It doesn’t look that appealing from the outside, but when you cross the road to the lagoon under the mountain with small boats or canoes, you can get excited when you see how beautiful the place is. This is one of the most beautiful stops of the tour. You can see the monkeys inside andwatch how they jump from place to place without falling off the slopes. By the way, you can travel in this lagoon by canoe or by boat made of bamboo, depending on your wishes.

Dai Vong Canh Dao Ti Top

If you want to watch Ha Long Bay from a height, this is the perfect lookout point. After 15-20 minutes of climbing stairs, you can reach the top and you can watch the whole Ha Long Bay from here. But it is quite difficult to get out. This height is about 150 steps. But the scenery you will see is indescribably beautiful.

By the way, if you take an overnight tour of Ha Long Bay, you can visit the floating villages the next day. In other words, it is a place where you can see the houses they have built from platforms and built from trees on the sea as you know. It would be more accurate to say villages and neighborhoods because they are more than one.

When to Go to Ha Long Bay

In fact, the weather is suitable for 12 months to go to Ha Long Bay, but in Vietnam, especially in the period of May-October, summer season, that is, the period when monsoon rains are common. Between November and April, it is mostly winter and the weather is less rainy and humid.

Ha Long Bay Hotels & Where To Stay

There are also many hotels to stay in Ha Long. There is a hotel for 10 dollars a night, 100 dollars a night. Most hotels can also be cancelled.

  • Cat Pa Family Hotel: 9 Euros for 2 people per night and the hotel has a full score of 9.0.
  • Thin Motel : It has 9.6 points and only 2 people 15 Euros per night.
  • Ha Long New Day Hotel : Accommodation for 2 people per night in a hotel with 9.8 points is 48 Euros.
  • Wyndham Legend : 73 Euros per night for 2 people. One of the best hotels in the region.
  • Royal Ha Long Hotel : This hotel is also very beautiful. With a sea view. It also has a casino. 91 Euros per night.

Ha Long Bay is one of the must-see places, especially to relax for 1-2 days, to find peace in nature and to witness the sights that you cannot witness in most places in the world.


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