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How to Spend 3 Days in San Sebastian, Spain

With its unique cuisine, pleasant sea and peaceful old city, San Sebastian may be the most beautiful place in Spain for us. This lovely city is located in the Basque region of Spain. It is the center of the province of Gipuzkoa. We hear the name of San Sebastian with the International San Sebastian film festival and Gastronomy-Culinary Arts held every year in September. With a population of close to 200,000, this small coastal city is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. This is a green city with a unique nature, if we go a little further, we can say that it is one of the greenest cities in Spain. They already say that the nature of Spain in general is the most beautiful region compared to the Basque region. Its beach is just as pleasant and it is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. San Sebastian, Spain’s gateway to the ocean, was named the city of oysters because of its semi-circular bay, and this name has become well established and has become the symbol of the city. Throughout our article, we will sometimes use the term Basque region and sometimes the Basque country. The situation is somewhat complicated, according to the Basques this is still their independent country, in reality it is not, but in their culture and habits they differ from the rest of Spain. For example, since the language spoken in the Basque country is different and the official language is Basque, you will see two different languages, Basque and Spanish, on city signs. San Sebastian, on the other hand, can be distinguished from a classical Spanish city with its slightly different features. We can say that this place remains a bit expensive and people are less helpful. 20 km from France. We don’t know if there is a French influence due to its distance, but you can understand that it has a French architectural touch. It has a high average age like other Spanish cities, but the young spirit will remain as backpacker and surfer tourists keep coming here. Thanks to the Atlantic waves!

Where to stay in San Sebastian

Regarding accommodation, you can find many hostels and guesthouses in the center and near the beach. These hostels, which we assume are organized purely for the crew coming for surfing, can be expensive, one click above the standard. Since San Sebastian is a small city, you will not have much difficulty in choosing a place to stay.

Things to do in San Sebastian

When you come here, it will be enough to make your plan for 3 days. In general, the old town of San Sebastian is no different from other Spanish cities.

You can lose yourself in the cute little streets and experience new tastes in Pintxo bars. The city is small enough to visit in 1 day, but if you want to see different beaches, it is up to you to extend the time. For example, if you are doing a gourmet tour, it means that you will extend your stay in this city with 6 Michelin-starred restaurants.

La Concha Beach

“The deep blue horizon, where the natural beauty created by the retreat of the sea meets the clarity of the ocean… That’s it, San Sebastian, the pearl of Dominion”. Since it is the main beach in the city center, it will easily attract you. Since there are enough tides on the beach, when the water recedes, a large sand dune area is formed in front of you. Sand lovers are sure to be satisfied enough.

Monte Urgull Hill

This is the hill from which you can view the city from above. La Concha and Ondarreta beaches can be seen from the west of Monte Urgull hill when you look at the city from above. In addition, the name of the tiny island opposite La Concha is Santa Clara. To understand the Monte Urgull hill, follow the Christ statue, it is the hill where the statue is located. You can climb here on foot, it will take about 15-20 minutes.

Zurriola Beach

Another beach, Zurriola beach, is directly open to the ocean. Because it does not have an inland sea-like appearance like La Concha, and Surfers prefer this place. La Concha beach is the ideal place for swimming.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

At the far end of the San Sebastian bay is the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Built in the 13th century, this cathedral is the last point of the promenade along the coastline.

San Sebastian Nightlife

For evening entertainment in San Sebastian, you can find evening hangout bars in the old town and close to the coastal walking path. You can start your evening by trying the bar called Akerbeltz. Since it is a small city, lively places stand out directly. It would be more accurate to make your choices in this direction. When we say evening entertainment, let’s talk about Sagardotegi, the Basque’s Cidre. This alcoholic drink is the national drink of the Basque Country and its taste resembles turnip juice rather than pickle juice. It is a sugar-free, acid-free, low-alcohol and light-drinking cider. There is a trick here, which is that; The glasses are filled with froth from high to give it a better taste. Since it is a very light drink, it is considered ideal for those who do not drink a lot of alcohol

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

San Sebastian is a gourmet paradise, due to the large number of Michelin-starred restaurants. Arzak, Akalare, Martin Berasategui are restaurants with 3 Michelin stars and there are 4 3-star restaurants in San Sebastian. There are 6 Michelin star restaurants in total. Arzak, which has been selected as the 8th best restaurant in the world and has 3 Michelin stars, is one of the restaurants that should be tried. Arzak Restaurant, headed by Juan Mari Arzak, who is considered one of the most important chefs of contemporary Spanish cuisine, has been hosting its distinguished guests with its unique recipes and rich menu since 1897. Serving in San Sebastian for over a century, the restaurant took its current form when Juan Mari, who completed his education on gastronomy in 1966, entered the kitchen. In 1989, the most important tastes of the place, which won 3 stars from Michelin, are seafood and red meat specialties. San Sebastian is among the most important gastronomic centers not only in Spain but also in the whole world.


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