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Interesting Country from Central Asia-Kazakhstan

Republic of Kazakhstan, rich in natural resources, is the 9th largest country in the world. The development of Kazakhstan, which is connected with many cultures, attracts more and more attention every year. Geographically, it stretches from Eastern Europe to Central Asia. Its neighbors are Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. In addition to these, it has an outlet to the Caspian Sea and is the state where the Aral lake is located. The official language in the country is Kazakh and the majority of the population speaks this language. Russian as a second language is mostly used in government and commercial affairs and is known by all people.

Public Transport in Kazakhstan

In major cities of Kazakhstan, public transport options are plentiful and comfortable. You can get around the city by using the metro, bus or taxi options in Almaty. Minibuses called Matryoshka are also used and you can visit the city with it. However, buses do not run after 22:00. You can travel all over the city with the buses called Saparzhai in Astanada, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Attractions

Almaty is one of the most popular cities in Kazakhstan, Almaty located on the historical Silk Road and the capital Astana have a very attractive structure. Here are the must-sees while in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Central State Museum

If you are interested in ancient art and history, this museum is for you. An important figure of the Golden Man is housed in the State Central Museum, where artifacts from the Bronze Age are also displayed.

Great Almaty Lake

If you want to add natural beauties to your holiday, you should definitely go to Big Almaty Lake. The lake turns into different shades of blue every season, depending on the light.

Kazakh Folk Music Insteuments

If you want to explore local music and examine local musical instruments, the Kazakh Folk Music Instruments Museum is for you. By going to this museum, you can make your holiday even better with musical instruments and learn about the region.

Zenkov Cathedral

Zenkov Cathedral, one of the most magnificent buildings in Almaty, is the second tallest wooden structure in the world. This building is also known as the Ascension Cathedral.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, with a height of 77 meters, is one of the must-see places in Kazakhstan. In this structure, which has an extraordinary architecture, arrangements such as concerts, theaters and seminars are made.

Dostoevsky’s House

This house, where one of the most important names of Russian literature, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, lived between 1857-1859, is a must-see for literature lovers.

Bayterek Tower

Bayterek Tower, the symbol of Astana, is actually a watchtower. From the unique Bayterek Tower, you can watch the magnificent city of Astana from a hill.

Where to Stay in Kazakhstan

There are many accommodation systems offered to you in Kazakhstan. In Almaty, you can stay in hotels located in the city center or the airport area. Or you can spend a holiday in touch with nature and stay in hotels in the Medeu region. If you want to be close to the city center, you can go to the capital Astanada Nurzhol Boulevard and choose hotels that fit yourbudget.

What to Eat in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan cuisine has become a rich culinary culture by combining with the Central Asian culture. If you go to Kazakhstan, there are delicacies that must be tried:

  • Kumys
  • Pasty
  • Şubat
  • Sur et
  • Baursak

Shopping in Kazakhstan. The Best Souvenirs to Buy

It is possible to buy souvenirs on the way back from Kazakhstan. You can take Kazakh dolls with you in traditional costumes or you can buy themed items such as the Dombra, the national instrument of Kazakhstan. Do not forget that you can also buy silver and gold souvenirs.

Nightlife in Kazakhstan

It is possible to find the nightlife that suits your taste in Kazakhstan. Especially the music venues in Almaty will meet your expectations. If you like 80-90s music; You will definitely find suitable places for yourself in Almaty. In addition to these venues, it is possible to find beautiful and affordable venues for techno music lovers


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