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Nature of Western and Central Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is famous for its contrasting habitats and also has a wealth of quite diverse wildlife populations. Many wildlife creatures have been threatened with the passage of time for various reasons, and many have survived. Despite being a large country in the world, Kazakhstan is one of the countries with a low population density. One of the most important reasons for this is that the wildlife in Kazakhstan managed to survive undisturbed for a longer period of time compared to other countries in the world. The Snow Leopard is one of the most popular wildlife in this nation, alongside the wild sheep Argali. If you look at the Scythian gold jewelry of ancient times, in many of them you can use the portrait of the leopard.

If you want to explore wildlife habitats in Kazakhstan up close, it’s important to explore the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and the nation’s zoos. There are many parks where you can encounter wild creatures face to face. Let’s find out where you can meet the wildlife of Kazakhstan to increase your wildlife adventurous end.

Western Altai Nature Reserve

You can call this reserve a perfect mother tongue slice of nature in the northeastern part of Kazakhstan. It is still not commercialized and therefore the West Altai nature reserve is not very popular with foreigners. Ecotourism is in this reserve and is currently in its infancy. The animals that are part of the park include large Siberian mammals and hundreds of bird species. The vegetation of this park will be a real source of inspiration for the visitors of this park.

Buyratau National Park

This park is a new addition to the nation’s list of national parks. It started operating in 2011 and just like the West Altai Nature Reserve, this park is not well known. The main reason behind the construction of this park is to protect the steppe areas as well as the rare and rich flora and fauna. Along with the steppe, rocky ridges and forest, it is also home to a diverse ecosystem of more than 200 bird species, 450 plant species, in addition to a large wild sheep group.

Naurzum Nature Reserve

Naurzum park is located in the Kostanay region in northern Kazakhstan. It offers the perfect mix of wetlands, birch forest, semi-desert and Steppe, but not spectacular scenery. But if you are a wildlife lover, this is the right place for you. Some of the endangered animals are present in this reserve. You will see the saiga antelope in this park.

Karaganda Zoo

Next up, Karaganda Zoo on Yermekov Street was founded in 1938. Currently, it houses close to 250 animal species, has Eugene and his cute girlfriend, a hippopotamus known as Kainarkoz. There is also the Klara magpie, as well as the Batyr, a distinctive species of talking elephant originating from India that can imitate any human speech. Elephant was a real sensation in 1970’s and research was done by scientists to study this phenomenon.

Kokshetau National Park

Siberian landscape that you can visit after exiting Kokshetau. Pine forests, clear lakes and steppe plains will enchant you with their rolling beauty. Some of the rare wild animal species can be seen in this national park. You will see the presence of taiga-like creatures including elk, marten, lynx, and white rabbit, and ermines co-existing here. On the steps of the south side, you will see the movements of pecat, gopher and also steppe steppe.

Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve is known as the home of flamingos at its northern end. In short, we can say that a visit to this park will be an absolute pleasure for bird lovers and viewers. The presence of a large lake in the middle of the strange, empty steppes has managed to attract a wide variety of bird species in this region. These birds come and go from Siberia. Accommodation facilities are available in the reserve park. To explore the reserve in a better and very interesting way, it is recommended to take the help of a guide. Traveling alone can be a little complicated for you. The geography and wildlife in Kazakhstan is very interesting. The beauty of national parks is so alluring that visitors alike, both national and international, are drawn in by huge amounts. The tourism industry in Kazakhstan is developing rapidly and thanks to the popularity of this nation’s wildlife. If you are planning an international trip to this country because you are an ultimate adventure lover, be sure to check the best seasons and book your tickets in advance.


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