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Outdoor wine and dining in Amsterdam

When the first rays of the spring sun hit Amsterdam, the interest shown in the open-air cafes of the city reaches an incredible level. We’ve found the best places in Amsterdam for sun lovers who want to enjoy wine and food outdoors.

Café de Ceuvel

Cafe de Ceuvel is part of the renovation of the old and polluted De Ceuvel wharf in the industrial and inspiring northern part of the city – and perhaps the world – one of the best sustainable city projects. With its vegan pita breads, sustainable waste system, comfortable hammocks and life preservers, De Ceuvel has an atmosphere like an eco-friendly hostel in South America. The warm and sincere smiles of the employees will also be enough to tolerate the occasional Dutch rains.

Where: Korte Papaverweg 4

Tel: +31 20 229 62 10

Nearest station: Mosplein


It’s an exhilarating 15-minute ferry ride from Pllek city centre. If the breeze you encounter on the way is not enough to throw your thoughts in your head, we can say that this incredibly comfortable place will easily achieve it. Built from colorful containers, Pllek’s U-shaped restaurant is like an entertainment center that offers adults more than just food. In the early hours, you can find yoga and breakfast in the place, and in the late hours, you will find complete entertainment with an open-air cinema, nightclub and live music in addition to a three-course meal. The city view that Pllek offers from its beach is also unique. The crowded groups that fill the beach during the summer months also increase the temperature of the environment. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit with you. In the winter, you can take shelter by the roaring campfires to avoid the waves hitting the pier.

Where: TT Neveritaweg 59

Tel: +31 20 290 00 20

Nearest station: NDSM Werf ferry

Il Pecorino

Who would have guessed that Amsterdam’s best Italian food is right across the river? Even those living in the center of Amsterdam flock to this stunning seaside spot for their paninis, pasta and calzones. Everything at Il Pecorino is imported directly from Italy, with the exception of cola, tea and mozzarella. You will find authentic and affordable dishes such as ‘burrata con spinaci’ and ‘semifreddo’ dessert, as well as friendly service. It’s almost impossible to find a more intimate atmosphere than this, and sitting here feels like being in an Italian village rather than in Europe’s party capital. You may want to share this experience with all ‘famiglilia’.

Where: Noordwal 1

Tel: +31 737 15 11

Nearest station: IJPlein ferry

Café Noorderlicht

While the area around it – the increasingly popular NDSM dock – is changing rapidly, the magically aired Noorderlicht is still a good place to relax. Time seems to lose its significance when you are here. Coming here on one of the first ferries of the day, you can watch the river for a few hours over the sunny lawn, read a few books, and ask for organic rhubarb soda and a sandwich from the relaxed staff of the place. Then keep watching. If it’s your lucky day, you might encounter a small festival or find live music by the bonfires. Listening to the raindrops hitting the roof while playing board games by the fireplace is another activity you can find here. What is that insignificant thing you see in the distance? The rest of the world, which is just passing by on its own.

Where: NDSM Plein 102

Tel: +31 20 492 2770

Nearest station: NDSM dock ferry

Mandela Huisje

Not sure you can afford to sip a drink with such a magnificent view? Don’t worry. The ‘Mandela cabin’ is a very friendly place and the prices are equally budget-friendly, as the owners of this pleasant harbormaster building directly opposite Central Station are idealistic people. At this inn, you can enjoy the breeze, good variety of drinks and homemade pies, but that’s not all. This humble environment is also a place where great ideas fly. Mandela cabin inspired by Ubuntu philosophy; It is also part of the new project from the people behind MasterPeace and Dance4Life. Transformed into a meditation center for complex matters during the day and a celebration hall at night, this inn serves as a welcoming place for travelers and dreamers to take shelter.

Where: Sixhavenweg 27

Tel: +31 625084319

Nearest station: Ferry Buiksloterweg

Hanneke’s Boom

Hanneke’s Boom is one of the most cozy hangouts in Amsterdam. A short distance from Central Station and overlooking the green-fronted Science Center NEMO, this urban oasisfeels like you’re far from the city. The main shed is made entirely from recycled materials and the wooden tables ingeniously designed with the surrounding trees also add to the ambiance of the setting. Hanneke’s can get overcrowded during the summer months, with nearly every boat in the city sailing to this beachfront venue. Spending an afternoon here in the winter can be a surprisingly romantic activity, thanks to details like the fireplace lights hitting the young people’s faces. If we add some live music and simple and plain food, you can be sure that you will never want to leave.

Where: Dijksgracht 4

Tel: +31 20 419 98 20

Nearest station: Central Station

Piet de Gruyter

At Piet de Gruyter you can find all the features you would expect from a local cafe that has achieved star status. Street tables overlooking one of West Amsterdam’s postcard-worthy squares? There is. Cozy and minimalist interior? There is. Exhibitions of the works of local young talents? There is. In addition to all this, Piet has a pile of books that you can read while sipping a higher quality wine than you would find in an ordinary bar. If you wish, you can have lunch or dinner here, which will outshine what you can find in a standard bar. Add a dash of relaxed and cheerful service, attentive attention, some good music, and the fact that you’re only a minute’s walk from Westerpark, and there’s no reason not to have high hopes for this place.

Where: Van Limburg Stirumstraat 4-6

Tel: +31 20 682 35 97

Nearest station: Van Limburg Stirumstraat

De Ysbreeker

In the shade of the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel – and the imposing oaks along the riverbank – the exterior of De Ysbreeker is one of the most beautiful places to sit in the city. You can find actors, intellectuals and business people sipping cappuccino during lunch break in the place, which is always packed. Inside, brass decorations, mirrors and the regular hum of people await you, making you feel like you’re in a stylish Parisian restaurant. It would not be wrong to say that this place has a traditional and routine atmosphere that instantly draws people in. We recommend making this your first stop on the shores of Amstel and reminding yourself that when it’s time to get up, there’s more to see upstream.

Where: Weesperzijde 23

Tel: +31 20 468 18 08

Nearest station: Amsteldijk

Mossel & Gin

Champagne and oysters; milk and cookies; Thai food and beer; mussels and gin… wait a minute, mussels and gin? The people who opened this small and popular restaurant Mossel & Gin thought it was a wonderful combination of gin, a juniper berry-flavored drink originallyderived from Dutch jenever, and shellfish mussels. In addition to other delicious seafood dishes, Mossel & Gin offers five different types of steamed Dutch mussels and 9 different gin and tonics (we recommend ordering half a glass if you want to taste all of them, as the glasses are large). Located right next to Westerpark, this is a simple and elegant place, perfect for summer evenings, with its romantic and lush garden.

Where: Gosschalklaan 12

Tel: +31 20 486 58 69

Nearest station: Van Hallstraat


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