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Things to do in Copenhagen for free!

It is no secret that Copenhagen is not a place that offers such affordable prices for tourists, but it should be noted that this city is one of the most livable cities in the world. If you want to travel in the Danish capital without spending a penny, read this article carefully.

Get comfortable in Christiania

Did you know that you can technically leave Copenhagen without leaving the city? Let’s explain right away. In 1971, a group of anti-establishment hippies occupied a city center filled with abandoned buildings, establishing an autonomous district called Freetown Christiania. While this little piece of land has sparked some controversy – remember to follow some local rules like not taking photos – Christiania is little more than going pottery shopping on Pusher Street. A beloved getaway for locals, the scenery is spectacular, the atmosphere relaxed, and there are plenty of art galleries, music stages, and cheap, organic eateries scattered about. Wandering the dusty roads, sitting among the trees by the lake, and crazy looking houses are all free, of course. During the summer months, the volunteer-run Café Nemoland puts on free shows every Sunday, ranging from Danish ‘reggae’ music to fun reinterpretations of old outliers by some of the city’s most famous artists.

Take a breath of fresh air at the Botanical Garden

Copenhagen Botanical Garden boasts the largest living plant collection in the country and serves as both a research area for the city’s avid botany students and a lush oasis for summer picnics and the pleasure of lounging aimlessly on the lawns. If the sun isn’t overhead, you can warm up in the “palm house”, one of the four large greenhouses on the property with rare plants like Indonesian Amorphophallus Titanum. Can you guess what the flower looks like from its name? You better be careful when this exotic devil blooms; The scent it exudes has given this giant plant another not-so-attractive name: “corpse flower”. Disgusting…

Jump into the harbor

Located in Islands Brygge, the Harbor Pool has been a favorite spot for Copenhageners who want to cool off and relax after a busy day every summer since its opening. With the recent expansion of outdoor pools to include a winter pool, Viking bloodlines have found a place to dive all year round. Even if dipping your toes in the icy waters isn’t for fun, the stunning city view from the seaside makes this little trip worthwhile. Modern buildings shining in the sunlight, boats rising and falling in silver water, the green spire of the Old Stock Exchange Building soaring into the sky, and of course the Black Diamond (Danish Royal Library) shimmering dramatically on the opposite bank.

Explore the Nørrebro district

Hop on your bike to Nørrebro to look a little deeper into Copenhagen’s lovely cobbled surface. The city’s most gray, cool, laid-back, and culturally diverse neighborhood, this place is perfect for other people-watching. At the much-loved Assistens Cemetery, H.C. You can have a picnic between Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard. Stroll the flea market across the bright yellow exterior wall, or browse the shop windows in the environment- and design-obsessed Jægersborggade, right nearby. Don’t forget to stop by the colorful city park Superkilen to watch one of the boxing matches that may appear out of nowhere. If you wish, you can watch young people skateboarding in Nørrebroparken, love goats in ByOasen hobby park, and listen to the loud music from the cassette players at Dronning Louise Bridge with local people. You have so many choices before you…

Wander the city streets

While the best way to get anywhere in the Danish capital is by bike, the very popular Copenhagen Free Walking Tours are also a great way to explore the city. Although not mandatory, you can give some gifts to an enthusiastic local team that takes you through the streets and stories of the city to convey your love of Copenhagen. You can choose between classic 3-hour intensive tours to all corners of Copenhagen, or two 90-minute tours, one to the city’s historic sites and the other to the Christianshavn district and the adjacent Christiania district.

Get away from the city for a day

If you’re a fan of cycling culture and want to go a step further, take a scenic 45-minute bike ride to Bellevue Beach, with its whimsical white-blue theme, where you’ll encounter one of history’s masterpieces. Modern architecture. . Although renting a bike does take some money, there are many affordable options, such as Baysikeli, which uses its earnings to access bikes in African countries. From the functional gas station to the iconic retractable theatre, small waterfront changing rooms and towering lifeguard towers, nearly every building in this “white district” was designed by world-renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. He won the plant’s design competition in 1930. When you’ve enjoyed the beach enough, the 1,000-hectare Dyrehaven (Deer Park) grove awaits you two steps from the beach. Besides the shy baby moose hiding in the jungle, this is also the world’s longest-running amusement park, Bakken – just like Tivoli, but admission is free.


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