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Things to do in Stockholm for free!

Many of Stockholm’s tourist activities are actually free, such as island cruises and underground artworks. If your interest in Sweden extends beyond Toast Skagen (prawns on toast) and meatballs, you should definitely check out our 10 free tips on things to do in Stockholm to explore every aspect of the Swedish capital.

Take a free guided tour

If you want to add a cultural and educational element to your city tour, you can join Stockholm Free Tours, which starts every Friday at 11:30 am from the T-Centralen underground station. The student-led tour will take you to the city’s must-see attractions, providing you with must-know tips about Stockholm and facts about royalty and Swedish culture.

Keep fit outdoors

If you’re wondering what you can do to stay fit without paying in Stockholm, you can listen to us. Stockholm’s utegym (open-air gyms) activities are spread throughout the city and are an ideal way to exercise during your travel, after waking up in the morning. From simple parks to full exercise areas with adult climbing cages, spending time is definitely more fun than the hotel’s treadmill. If running in the city is your preference, Run with Me Stockholm offers a free 7-10km “Lazy Sunday” run. However, you’d better prepare yourself for the rigors of running the historic quarter’s cobbled streets and various hilly areas. All summer long, fitness association Friskis & Svettis offers a variety of outdoor exercises, from aerobics to dance, running and yoga, helping you physically prepare for your day of adventure.

Three free museum tours

Spend the afternoon exploring the small island of Skeppsholmen in an atmosphere of fresh air, art and design. Here you can visit three great museums with free admission on any given day. First, start by stopping by the Östasiatiska Museet for an outstanding presentation of Asian art, and then visit the Moderna Museet, where you can find iconic artists like Picasso and Dali in its permanent collection. End your afternoon filled with art by visiting the Swedish Architecture and Design Center a few steps away and learning about the development of Swedish architecture from the 19th century to the present.

Enjoy the radio show full of music

For a unique and local experience, take your place on the Musikplats Stockholm radio show inside Swedish radio station Studio 4, where you can listen to free live concerts and interviews from artists from a variety of genres, meet guests and ask your own questions. Don’t forget to check Musikplats’ schedule before you go and get there early to get a seat.

Day trip to Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace, where the Swedish royal family lives, is located just outside of Stockholm and offers a great day trip to soak up the sun. Here, you can stroll around the Royal Park, have a picnic, and stop at the Chinese pavilion and take a tea break at the cafe in the area.

Explore underground works of art

It is enough to look around and around to see the colors of those cave walls, strange mosaics and hypnotic patterns that bring art to daily life underground. Boasting to be the longest art museum in the world, Stockholm Tunnelbana (underground) is filled with amazing works that you can enjoy alone or with a guided Art Walk. You can join the tour offered by the SL transport agency with your purchased Tunnelbana ticket. The Art Walk is held in Swedish all year round, but it is also possible to find English in summer.

Tour in the historic district

Visiting Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s oldest district, is a great way to start your city adventure. Opportunities await you here, such as strolling the narrow cobbled streets and exploring the buildings that fill the squares like Stortorget. After a short stroll on the busy Västerlånggatan street, the Royal Palace is waiting for you to enjoy the seaside view. If you are in the neighborhood during the pre-noon hours, you may witness the changing of the guards and if you are lucky, you may encounter the Royal Guards walking around the city. If you want to enter Gamla Stan in grandeur, you have to proceed on Drottninggatan street, cross the Riksbron bridge and pass under the monumental arches of the Parliament House. Note: Thepreviously mentioned Stockholm Free Tours also offers a free walking tour that includes only the historic district. Tour meetings are held every Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the Central Station.

Enjoy the view of Södermalm

When longing for an inspiring and relaxed urban spirit, head to Södermalm’s high streets and countless scenic roads. After reaching Slussen station, take the straight to the Katarinahissen elevator; although it is out of service for safety reasons, there is no reason why you should not enjoy the wonderful sea view. Then you can browse the shop windows on Götgatan street in the center of the area or stroll by the sea in Fjällgatan. If you want to take a scenic city walk, you can have a picnic with a panoramic view of the city, starting from Monteliusvägen street, stopping at the incredibly romantic Mariahissen overpass, climbing up Skinnarviksberget, Stockholm’s highest natural point.

Specialize in Swedish culture

A wonderful evening awaits you at Nordiska Museet on the island of Djurgården. From October to May, every Wednesday from 5 to 8 pm, you’ll find free exhibits presenting Swedish life’s traditions, from the sweetest to the weirdest. Before you leave the island, don’t forget to take a walk that covers the many attractions that you can see from outside the Gröna Lund amusement park and from the seaside promenades.

Discover Stockholm’s musical scene

If you are wondering what you can do in Stockholm’s nightlife without paying, you can accompany the performances of talented groups trying to enter Stockholm’s music scene at Södermalm’s Debaser stages from May to August. The Bar Brooklyn stage of the organization on the beach also hosts free concerts. For concerts, you can check the Debaser website for “fri entre” (free admission) or enjoy the venue until 10pm on non-concert nights. Since your visit to Stockholm won’t be complete unless you’re partying with a well-dressed crowd, be sure to head to the Östermalm district to stop by the Soap Bar nightclub, which provides a fun and luxurious night out every night of the week, with no entrance fee. Although the drinks are not as expensive as other nightclubs in the area, they are still not free; unless, of course, you meet a kind and pleasant stranger.


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