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Top 5 Most Different Restaurants in New York

Here are the 5 best New York restaurants we recommend.

Gran Electrica

Gran Electrica serves as an authentic Mexican restaurant located in the center of the Brooklyn neighborhood known as ‘DUMBO’. You can look forward to tasting homemade tortillas and hot sausages on the menu inspired by Mexican street food. Mexican artists are behind the strange and colorful decor. If you stop by the Gran Electrica on nice weather days, you can sit on its impressive porch and enjoy the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the south end of Manhattan.

5 Front St.
Tel: +1 718 852 2789
Stop: High St. (HUNGRY)

Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde, one of the best in New York, belongs to the legendary name of the big screen, Robert De Niro. The restaurant, which is always full, has a decidedly New York style. With its calm atmosphere and simple decor, it does not look like home comfort. The food is absolutely delicious and the prices – by Manhattan standards – are very reasonable. You can try the organic chicken for two. Even if you fill your stomach with this, you can’t resist chocolate desserts. The restaurant serves for lunch and dinner. It is also open for late breakfast on weekends. At which time you want to feast, you must make a reservation or be prepared to wait for a long time.

377 Greenwich St.
Tel: +1 212 925 3797
Stop: Franklin St. (one)

Shake Shack

Shake Shack encompasses the entire American fast food culture. Celebrity chef Danny Meyer is the brainchild of the massively successful operation. In a very short time, it has achieved great success by opening branches all over the city. The main branch of the venue is in Madison Square Park. You have to wait in line for hours – literally hours – to get the burgers and fries sold here. Yes, they really are that delicious. You might consider stopping by the branch on 86th Street, which is quieter and more spacious. Although the burgers served here are a reason to visit in themselves, if you don’t feel that hungry, it is worth stopping by for the ‘float’, which is ice cream decorated with lots of cute candies like brownie pieces.

154 East 86th St.
Tel: +1 646 237 5035
Stop: 86th St. (4, 5, 6)

Red Rooster

Just 10 years ago, the idea of making a reservation at a Harlam restaurant weeks in advance wouldn’t even come to mind. Not so anymore. Red Rooster not only went against low expectations, it crushed them. The union that emerged in Red Rooster is quite interesting. Ethiopian-Swedish head chef Marcus Samuelsson serves soul food Swedish style. Conclusion; divine union. The decoration of the restaurant is young and hip like its customers. You can try the creative version of ‘Mac and cheese’ or the french fries with truffle sauce. We recommend making a reservation in advance.

310 Malcolm X Boulevard
Tel: +1 212 792 9001
Stop: 125th St. (2, 3)


Tao is famous for two reasons: excellent Asian-fusion cuisine and surprisingly strong interior design. Imagine the solemn, luxurious saloon atmosphere combined with heavy Asian mysticism. It is unlikely that even the meter-high Buddha statue, which watches the hall from beginning to end, on the high ceiling, covered with huge posters with ornate Asian type inscriptions, can catch up. Tao offers fresh sushi, spicy spring rolls, chicken and fish-style items. It is extremely difficult to make a bad choice here. Meals are served in the middle. Thus, everyone can taste the food they like at the table.

42 W. 58th St.
Tel: +1 212 888 2288
Stop: 59th St./ Lexington (4, 5, 6)

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