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When should you go on a cruise? Routes and Recommendations.

You have decided on your dream cruise. So, have you decided which season you want to go? In fact, there is no single answer that fits the question of what is the right time for a cruise; Your decision on when to embark on the journey depends on your personal priorities. Maybe you prefer a season when the sea is calmer or you may be looking for an affordable cruise. For example, if you prefer an affordable cruise, the mid-season – the time between peak and low season – would be a great option. In our content we have prepared for you, you will find answers to questions such as which season to go to cruise destinations, what is the best time to travel according to price.

Mediterranean & Aegean

Routes: 7-14 overnight routes from Venice, Istanbul or Piraeus (Athens) to Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Italy.

Focus: Europe, Europe and more Europe! Of course, it can help to reconstruct your cruise plans if we say that the history of the cities you will visit dates back thousands of years.

Best Price: October to February excluding holidays.

Best Time To Go: Peak season on this route is from May to August; but if you are going to travel by small ships, you should pay attention to the Meltemi winds in the Aegean Sea.


Routes: 10-night routes for boarding from San Francisco, and 7-night journeys for boarding from Seattle or Vancouver.

Focus: On a trip to Alaska, you’ll see glaciers, fjords, and an abundance of wildlife, especially otters and whales.

Best Price: Mid-May to early June and late August to mid-September. If it is not a problem for you to travel to Alaska in colder weather, you can also go on an Alaska cruise in September. But it is useful to remind; You may encounter rain in this season.

Best Time To Go: For longer days, dry weather, and warm weather, the best time to cruise in Alaska is from late June to mid-July.

Australia & New Zealand

Routes: The journey starting from Sydney continues for 10 days in Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, Dusky Sound, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Picton, Napier, Tauranga cities of New Zealand.

Focus Point: Natural beauties, sea-sand-sun.

Best Price: From November to mid-March, excluding holidays.

Best Weather: December and January are warm and dry. Avoid cyclone season (early December and late May) in Australia; New Zealand is rarely affected.

Asia – Andaman Sea

Routes: 3-7 overnight routes from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Focus: Stunning temples and hauntingly delicious Asian cuisine.

Best Time To Go: The season from October to mid-June is generally the best season for visitors to visit the Andaman Islands and October is the start of the season. Intense southwest monsoon rains end in September.

Baltic States

Routes: From Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Harwich, Dover or London (Southampton) to St. Petersburg, Russia and the Baltic ports or the Norwegian Fjords 7 to 14 overnight routes.

Focal Point: Spectacular nature views and, of course, the historical structure of the cities.

Best Price: Since the season is short on these routes (May to August), there are not many discounts on prices. Therefore, you can make your reservations in the first or last month of the season and benefit from discounts.

Best Weather: Conditions are perfect in summer.


Routes: Round-trip 7-night routes from Florida or Puerto Rico.

Focus: The area has gorgeous beaches and plenty of snorkeling and diving routes.

Best Price: January, May and September.

Best Time To Go: Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to November, so winter is the best time to go to the Caribbean.


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