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Where to stay in New York? New York cheap accommodation tips

Here we offer you the most affordable accommodation options in New York.

1. Hotel Edison

You won’t find many New Yorkers in Midtown, where tourists flock to Broadway, the lights of Times Square, and the famous skyscraper terraces away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is an area where hotels are concentrated for obvious reasons. While finding a hotel further south offers a more authentic experience, it’s fair to admit that Midtown is the center of New York City’s top tourist attractions. Hotel Edison is one of the places where you will get the best value for your money. The rooms are nice and clean, the location of the hotel is great, and the hotel’s Space Bar is a comfortable place to spend time in the evening.

Where: 228 W. 47th Street
Tel: +1 212 840 5000
Nearest station: 49th Street

2. Milburn Hotel

Milburn Hotel is exactly the kind of hotel suitable for tourists. If you’re just looking for a nice place to sleep without falling for a swim in luxury, you can spend the night here. One of the perks of staying here is that it’s close to Lincoln Center, one of the best places in New York if you like ballet, opera or classical music. While you’re here, you’re close to many of the city’s other tourist spots, and you can find plenty of nightclubs and shops around you. The spacious suites are a pleasant surprise, especially for those traveling with children. Another feature that won our hearts is that breakfast is included in the accommodation, which will provide you with the energy you will need for a long day of sightseeing.

Where: 242 West 76th Street
Tel: +1 212 362 1006
Nearest station: 79th Street

3. Nu Hotel

Nu Hotel is a place that exists to be discovered. The decoration of the hotel nicely integrates the local characteristic of Brooklyn with modern design, and the room rates are very affordable. Located close to the tourist spots in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, the hotel’s rooms are spacious and decorated in a European style. Interestingly, the floors are parquet, the beds are organic, and the bathrooms are stylishly designed with unique details. For example, you can leave small messages for hotel staff on the board next to the sink. In the largest rooms of the hotel, you can even relax in a hammock. Other rooms are also furnished with bunk beds for guests traveling with children. The Nu Friends Suite is perfect for travelers who don’t want to share a bed.

Where: 85 Smith St.
Tel: +1 718 852 8585
Nearest station: Hoyt-Schemerhorn St.

4. Hotel 91

When you step into Hotel 91 on East Broadway, you may doubt whether you’re really in New York. Just as every sign is in Chinese, all spoken on the street in front of the hotel is also in Chinese. Don’t worry! Maybe you’re still under the influence of jet lag, but that’s not why. Hotel 91 is of course a New York hotel, but it is located right in the heart of Chinatown and right next to the Manhattan Bridge. When you enter the hotel, you’ll be greeted by a shiny marble lobby and a second-floor entry desk. 70 seamless rooms are simple, clean and designed to offer you exactly what you need. The hotel is definitely the perfect accommodation choice for those who want to get to know Chinatown closely or enjoy the crazy hustle and bustle of the region.

Where: 91 East Broadway
Tel: +1 646 266 6800
Nearest station: East Broadway

5. The Jane

The rooms are small, unsurprisingly for this city, and some rooms share the bathroom in the hallway, but this hotel offers a hefty history to make up for it. The hotel, which opened its doors for the first time in 1908, was initially used by sailors. Another detail about the hotel that will interest history lovers is that survivors of the Titanic were placed here during the investigations. Over the years, this building has become a meeting place for the city’s cultural life and housed various nightclubs before becoming a hotel again. Despite its small rooms, The Jane is one of the coolest hotels of its kind. The location, a few blocks from the Meatpacking District, is perfect, and the hotel bar is so popular that getting in can be a challenge at times. In short, The Jane is the kind of hotel that attracts young people looking for stylish accommodation at affordable prices.

Where: 113 Jane St.
Tel: +1 212 924 6700
Nearest station: 14th St./ 8th Ave.

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