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Camp Suggestions | Necessary Materials for Camping

As a brave traveler blog, we have written our experiences, the materials we use and needed, and our camping recommendations for you. Happy reading!

1. Camp Life

It is always at the top of the accommodation options for us. We love the camping life. We build our house ourselves, we carry it with us, we can go and stay wherever we want. When we get up and want to see great views, instead of watching a view from the 38th floor of expensive hotels, we camp on a mountain or stay by a beautiful seaside or lake. We take our pawed friend Yuki with us by setting up camp next to pet-free hotels. We think camp life, which cuts the accommodation in half, is really economical and just as fun.

2. Materials Required for Camping

After you decide to camp, you will have your main basic needs and requirements.

Tent selection

When choosing your tent, you should first decide whether it is light, durable, waterproof, how many people it will fit, whether you want to use it in summer or winter, and choose a fabric accordingly. If you are going to set up tents on the beaches mostly in the summer months, fine fabrics will of course be sufficient. But if you want to camp in the snow in winter, the tent suitable for summer will not provide enough warmth for you. Or if you think about how much difference it will make if it is lighter or heavier, if you take your tent with a backpack and go camping, the 2-kg tent on your back will weigh 10 kilos on your walks along the road and will tire you out so much that you will not be carrying the tent alone.

Kitchen stuff

To prepare your meals, you will either light a fire or buy a small gas stove, which is one of the camping equipment. There are all kinds of plates, spoons, glasses designed for these. There are even folding options for cups and pots so that they don’t take up space in your bag. Because the lighter and more space-saving items, the lighter the bag.

Electric Cord

In general, you can find them even in the junk sections of the markets, or you can easily find them in the DIY stores. The length is entirely up to you. We have a 5 meter electric cable. What will this do for you? They give you water and electricity when you go to the campsites. That’s how it is in most places. There are sockets located at certain points for electricity. You can use one of these sockets with your cable to draw electricity to your tent to charge your phones.


Indoor lighting for your tent is not possible with a bulb. There are solar lights that you can use for tents and self-charging lights that do not need electricity, and you can get them for yourself.

Bed selection for your tent

It is very important that you choose your bed after you buy your tent. It may be easy to find a suitable bed for the tent you bought, but it is not always easy to fit a tent to a bed you like. If your tent will be a two-person tent, the bed you will buy should not completely cover the inside of the tent and should not stretch and compress the tent. Pay attention to this. Choose the fabric upper part of your bed, because a mattress with plastic on all sides keeps it cold and nothing stays on it. If you want to lay sheets after inflating your mattress, you can use elastic sheets. For example, I put rubber on the sheet myself because even the normal single sheet size will be too big for a two-person tent bed.

Table and chairs

Tables and chairs are all a matter of taste and preference. If you are going to be one of the backpackers, I would say just buy a chair instead of the table. But if you go camping by car, a small camping table will not even take up space in your trunk.

Backpack selection

Everyone who camps already has a backpack. But the important thing is to choose the right backpack for yourself. In this, you need to make a distinction as male or female. There are many types of backpacks for ladies and gentlemen with different carrying capacities. Do not look to buy as many things as possible, I say buy as much as you can carry. There are many different brands that offer many different options, from materials to comfort. The most expensive is the best logic can be somewhat valid here, although not everywhere. Because the materials used even for bags are very important and extremely important for human health. For this reason, after you have decided that you will go camping, you can choose your bag first, and then you can sort it out as tent, bed, electric cable and water hoses, lighting kitchen materials, tables and chairs.


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