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Small World-Belgium Trip

Belgium is a Western European country that fascinates visitors with its medieval architectural structures, delicious chocolates, cities with traces of its deep historical past, natural beauties and museums. Considered the capital of the European Union, this country has a large foreign population as it hosts many international institutions and organizations. Influenced by bureaucratic culture, Belgium is a country that fascinates its visitors with its deceptive appearance, which feels cold and distant from the outside, with its charming streets, elegant architectural structures inspired by the Middle Ages and delicious chocolates. Cities with a deep historical past and natural beauty. Belgium is a country that everyone will love, from modern cities with the best shops to small villages where you can find the kindest locals.

Belgium is one of the countries in northwestern Europe. It borders France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and covers an area of 31,000 square kilometers. Belgium, a founding member of NATO and the European Union, is part of the Benelux group, along with the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Romans were the first settlers in Belgium, dating back to the 1st century BC. Named Gallia Belgica, the Romans ruled the region from the center. After the migration of the tribes, the administration of the area given to the Merovingian dynasty by the Franks remained in the hands of landowners and small groups for many years. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Belgium became a stage in the struggle for power between France and Spain, France and Austria, and in 1815 became part of Great Britain. In 1830, Belgium became the first country to gain independence by revolution. It was occupied by the Nazis during World War II. Throughout history, the establishment of many colonies in Africa has played an important role in making Belgium one of the richest countries in Europe.

When you see the vast greenery in the middle of the cities of Belgium, which is called the greenest country in Europe, you will be convinced that this name really deserves. The Belgians’ strict adherence to the rules and architectural order in the cities that make the country a livable place, and the value of peace, have made Belgium literally synonymous with the word peace. Traveling in Belgium brings to mind medieval buildings, beautiful canals, delicious beers and incredible chocolate. But there is more to this great European country.

Belgium Attractions

The capital of Belgium and the European Union, the cosmopolitan city of Brussels, where the headquarters of many international organizations are located, Bruges built around the canals with its fairy-tale appearance, Antwerp with its diamond processing workshops and a busy port, Ghent, the hidden beauty of the country, are some of the cities to visit in Belgium. Belgium is a country that is very easy to travel in general. The fact that English is widely spoken in Belgium, it is a small country, its organized cities and tourist-friendly approach attracts a considerable number of tourists every year. It is not a dream to start with the historical texture of the city of Brussels and take a journey in the past by jumping on a train. Its capital, Brussels, is also the capital of the European Union and hosts the NATO Central Headquarters. Brussels, the city that hosts the most foreign tourists in the country, is literally an open-air museum with its museums, squares and historical buildings. You can embark on a journey that includes the cities of Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent with pleasant train journeys in Belgium. The second largest city in the country after Brussels is Antwerp, which is also considered the capital of the world’s diamond production. Antwerp, a port city in the north of Belgium, is also known for its colorful nightlife. Bruges is a city that stands out with its 17th century architecture and New Art Movement masterpieces. Durbuy, located in the Ardennes region of Belgium and the smallest city in the world with a population of 500, is a fascinating stop with its medieval structures that have been preserved until today. If you have a short holiday plan of two or three days, you can choose the destination you want from this route, and if you have a longer time frame, you can complete the entire route. Prepare yourself for a historical journey and pleasant images!

Places to Visit in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also the capital of Europe. The general directorate of many institutions that shape European politics is located here. For this reason, you might think that Brussels has a very bureaucratic atmosphere. But Brussels may surprise you with its colorful cultural world, creativity, attractions and diversity. Brussels is a small city with many personalities. It is blended with Dutch, German and French culture. Thanks to the European bureaucrats it hosts and immigrants from Congo, Turkey and Morocco, it is possible to see all kinds of cultures together. The Grand Palace, the square at the heart of the city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, magnificent European buildings and the modern Ixelles district, the Atomium Tower designed for EXPO and the Chocolate Museum are among the places to be seen in the city. The city is also famous for its waffles and chocolates. There are many cafes and bars with gardens in the city centre, which belongs to the 13th century. You’ll love the Hubert’s areas, which are equipped with shops, cafes and cinemas. In the heart of the city, the Grand Place, and the Place du Grand Sablon, where Gothic and Renaissance architecture are used together, there are chocolatiers, historical buildings and luxury shops that have preserved all their splendor from the Middle Ages to the present. St. Catherine’s Church and Comic Book Museum are must-visit addresses to get to know Brussels.


Ghent, which is as interesting as Brussels in terms of tourism, is the second stop you should stop in Belgium. Ghent, one of the richest cities in Europe in the Middle Ages, is located at the crossroads of two rivers. You can enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of the city with canal and phaeton tours; You can explore special buildings such as the Bell Tower, St. Nicholas Church and Gravensteen Castle.


Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, is one of the country’s most fashionable destinations, as well as notable for its history and architecture. You can visit the Fashion Museum in the city, which is the center of processing most of the world’s rough diamonds, and enjoy special boutiques.


The city, home to the world’s oldest Catholic university, is one of the most important student centers in both Belgium and Europe. The city of Leuven is very lively and colorful, because the majority of the population is students.

The Ardennes

The Ardennes, the perfect place for those who do not want to stay away from nature on their journey, has forests, caves and cliffs that host wildlife, from wild boars to deer and lynx. You can experience adventure and peace together in this city that promises peace with activities such as camping and hiking.

Belgian cuisine

Chocolate, waffles, fried potatoes and mussels are among the first foods that come to mind when Belgian cuisine is mentioned. You can find endless varieties of chocolate in Belgium, one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. If you are a true chocolate lover, it means that you will return from Belgium with lots of chocolate. The local cuisine of Belgium has been influenced by many different cultures. Moules Frites, where mussels boiled with vegetable and onion juice are served with fried potatoes, Carbonade, the steak specialty with mustard sauce cooked with beer, and Belgian stew Waterzooi, which can be preferred as fish or chicken, are the best delicacies for those who want to taste local dishes. When you come to Belgium, it is impossible not to try local beers with many varieties. Local beers such as Blonde, Lambics and Dubbel are Belgium’s famous beers that go beyond the borders of the country. Having a wide beer culture, Belgium’s pleasant cafes are perfect for both socializing and tasting different beers that will contribute to your beer culture.

Belgian Nightlife

With its youthful mobility, Belgium is a country that nightlife lovers will never miss. From various concerts to festivals, you will find pubs, nightclubs and restaurants in Belgium that suit your taste and budget. The most popular places to have fun in Brussels; Poechenellekelder, Delirium, Brussels Pub Crawl, La Mort Subite and Hard Rock Cafe.


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