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Caravan travel in Europe

Caravan travel is an ideal way to experience Europe at your own pace, giving you the flexibility to stop wherever and whenever. If you’re planning a caravan tour through Europe, here are some must-see locations you won’t want to miss.

  1. The French Riviera, France: Cruise the breathtaking coast of the French Riviera by caravan, stopping in charming towns such as Nice, Cannes and Antibes for stunning beaches, museums and galleries to visit and a delicious French meal or two!
  2. Amalfi Coast, Italy: One of Europe’s most breathtaking drives is along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, boasting gorgeous Mediterranean Sea views from dramatic cliffs and charming towns such as Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Don’t forget to sample their limoncello and fresh seafood!
  3. Norwegian Fjords, Norway: Norway’s Norwegian Fjords boast some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes with towering mountains, cascading waterfalls and deep blue fjords. Cruise your caravan through this scenic route from Bergen to Geiranger stopping off at charming towns along the way.
  4. Costa del Sol, Spain: Situated along Spain’s southern coast, Costa del Sol boasts beautiful beaches, sunny weather and charming towns like Marbella, Malaga and Nerja. Drive your caravan along this coastline and experience local cuisine and nightlife while traveling by caravan along its length.

Plan ahead when embarking on your European caravan journey by booking campsites and researching driving regulations in each country. By visiting these must-see sites, your European caravan adventure will surely be unforgettable.

Caravan Campsites in Europe

There are plenty of excellent caravan campsites throughout Europe to provide a memorable camping experience, depending on what kind of experience you want to have. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Camping Bella Italia, Italy: Situated along Lake Garda in Italy, this campsite provides breathtaking views of both its waters and nearby mountains. Boasting an expansive pool complex, numerous restaurants and bars as well as an entertainment program tailored for all ages – Camping Bella Italia provides unforgettable stays!

    2. La Clusure, Belgium: Situated on lush countryside along the River L’Homme, La Clusure was awarded first-ever Belgium overall category winner. They have invested substantially in wheelchair-accessible caravans and their brand new pool complex featuring water slides and indoor pools – ideal for families. During summer months why not enjoy river walks, fishing trips or diving into its shallow river waters while hiking, cycling and archery activities take place within their campsite! Prices begin from £22.41 per night!

    3. Camping Park Umag, Croatia: Situated on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula and boasting access to beautiful beach and crystal-clear waters, Camping Park Umag offers pitches for caravans as well as other accommodation options and features amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants and watersports and tennis activities.

    4. Camping Le Soleil, Spain: Situated on Spain’s Costa Brava, this campsite features direct access to a sandy beach and Mediterranean Sea as well as a large pool complex, restaurants and bars, plus an active program of activities and entertainment.

    5. Camping Domaine de Massereau, France: Situated in the Languedoc wine region, this campsite provides spacious pitches for caravans while offering facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant and activities like horseback riding and wine tasting – starting from £23.71 per night!

    Make sure to research and book caravan campsites well in advance, particularly during peak travel seasons. Also ensure to review each campsite’s individual rules regarding caravan sizes, hookups and amenities before confirming reservations.

    Caravan Travel in Europe- What Do I Need to Know?

    1. Driving Regulations: Before embarking on your caravan travel adventure in Europe, do some research into the driving regulations in each of the countries you will visit. Different nations may have differing speed limits, road signs and rules regarding caravan driving – make sure that you have obtained any required documentation prior to setting out!

    2. Caravan Campsites and Parking: Caravan campsites can be found across Europe, but booking in advance can save time during busy travel seasons. Do your research to learn about each campsite’s facilities, prices and location before making a selection decision. Also keep in mind that some urban areas may restrict or require special permission before parking your caravan there.

    3. Caravan Size and Weight Limits: Some European countries impose specific size and weight restrictions for caravans, so make sure yours complies with those in each destination country you plan to visit. Also keep in mind that certain roads, bridges, and tunnels may impose height or weight restrictions that could limit where your caravan travels.

    4. Insurance: Before heading abroad with your caravan, ensure it has sufficient insurance coverage, including liability and theft/damage/accident coverage. Check with your provider to make sure their policy covers you during driving in Europe.

    5. Language and Currency: Depending on where your travels take you, different languages and currencies could present challenges to communication. Therefore, it would be advisable to bring along a phrasebook or language app as aids for communication, as well as exchange currency before leaving home (if available) or use credit cards wherever possible.

    6. Safety and Security: Traveling by caravan can be an enjoyable, safe way to explore Europe; however, it’s essential that you take steps to protect both yourself and your belongings. Be sure to lock the caravan when not inside it, store valuables away safely out of view, and stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

    Cost of caravan travel in Europe

    Cost of caravan travel in Europe depends on many variables, including your type of caravan rental or ownership agreement, length of trip, number of countries visited and personal travel style preferences. Below are rough estimates of caravan travel costs:

    1. Caravan Rental: If you don’t already own one, renting one from various European companies is an affordable alternative to owning your own caravan. Costs depend on size and type of caravan rented along with duration – for instance a small caravan may cost between € 50- € 80 daily rental costs while larger and more luxurious models may reach up to € 200 daily rental costs.

    2. Fuel: The cost of fuel will depend on your travel distance and caravan fuel efficiency, with costs estimated between € 1.30- € 1.50 per liter for diesel in Europe based on consumption estimates for medium-sized caravans that average 7-10 liters per 100 kilometers travelled. You can estimate your costs accordingly.

    3. Campsite Fees: Campsite fees vary widely depending on your country of choice and facilities provided, though on average you should expect to spend between € 10-50 per night at a standard campsite, with more luxurious or remote sites often costing more. Some campsites may charge extra fees for electricity, water usage or amenities like these.

    4. Food and Beverages: Your cost for food and drinks will depend on your travel style, preferences and cooking options. Cooking at home in the caravan may be cost-efficient but dining out at local restaurants or cafes may offer greater variety – on average you should anticipate spending between € 30- € 50 a day on this category of expenses.

    5. Attractions and Activities: The cost of activities and attractions will depend on both your destination country/region as well as personal interests; museum admission or theme park tickets could prove quite pricey while hiking/cycling through nature parks may be free or low cost options.

    Overall, caravan travel costs in Europe can range anywhere from several hundred euros to several thousand euros, depending on your travel style and preferences. Therefore, it is crucial that you carefully plan and budget so that your journey is enjoyable without breaking the bank.


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