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Sensation White – Festival Of Electronic Dance Music

Sensation White is a great festival. Its founder is ID & T corporation. The history of the festival is as follows.Two brothers from Amsterdam, Duncan and Miles Statterheim, loved to have small but highly creative parties in the city’s nightclubs. The incredible ideas of the brothers, who turned into magnificent show programs, enchanted the audience. Their names soon became widely heard. With each passing day, their popularity grew and they became known not only in Amsterdam, but also in other European cities. The white party, which they announced, played a huge role, the success of which exceeded all expectations. The whole Netherlands knew about this event and participated. The tragic event stunned the entire city. Young organizer Miles got into a car accident and died. The whole city accompanied him with sincere empathy. A year later Duncan Stutterheim decided to pay tribute to his beloved brother, who had contributed to the formation of ID&T before the accident. Sensation Director Duncan Stutterheim asked everyone to come dressed in white in memory of Miles. Almost all people actively responded to this request. Eighty percent of the forty thousand present were white. The visual of the Sensation white party was so exciting and enjoyable that the dress code of the white color has survived until today.


The Sensation White event took place in 2000 and was a stunning success. About twenty thousand guests gathered. After the first party in white clothes, a strange tradition emerged to gather tens of thousands of people on the first Saturday of July. There is such an event at the Amsterdam Arena in the Netherlands. True connoisseurs of electronic dance music come here from different parts of the world and enjoy their “away” parties.


The organizers introduced a strict dress code dividing the show into two events based on musical styles and directions: Sensation White and Sensation Black. The first is characterized by the presence of light and positive dance music, while the second is predominantly preferred to heavy electronic music. The names of the parties correspond to the color of the clothes of all guests. Visitors to Sensation White must wear white only. Those who come with different colored clothes for any reason can buy a white t-shirt at the entrance. If the guest absolutely refuses to dress in white, he will not be allowed to attend the party. This applies to everyone without exception. There are strict rules to ensure maximum visual entertainment.


The festival until 2005 was held only at the Amsterdam Arena in the Netherlands with the beautiful name Sensation White. 2014 is characterized by such parties in different countries of the world: Belgium, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Chile.


Sensation White opens with the sound of a sacred anthem that is recreated each year. The main distinguishing feature of this festival is a special and unique technical production and an original show program. The summit falls on MEGAMIX, the main part of the event. Real audiovisual miracles happen here, and for the last thirty minutes the most popular music has been playing without DJs. All this is done thanks to the organizers of the project, who regularly invent something new and interesting in White Sensation. In this context, tickets sold out two hours after they went on sale.


The premiere was held on 11 June 2008. Location: St. Petersburg GCC Arena. Visitors to Sensation White were people from all over Russia. The organizers thought carefully down to the smallest detail. The unique show program and the magnificent view made the audience very happy. On June 11, 2009, an electronic music festival was held in the same sports and concert complex. The guests witnessed a magnificent show. The organizers brought an expensive production under the name “Tree of Love” for 10 million euros. Visitors were stunned by the intricate tricks and powerful pyrotechnic effects. No one remained indifferent to the elegant scenery and the beautiful creatures living in the roots of the tree and flying around.

The 2014-year event was held on June 7th with a new show, Into the Wild. The guests had the opportunity to go to the white forest. Production was divided into five stages (from searching to catching the victim). Therefore, the festival of electronic dance music Sensation White can rightly be considered a grandiose event. It is held not only in Western European cities, but also on the territory of the Russian Federation. st. Petersburg and its residents are happy to meet the festival in their city, and everyone has the opportunity to attend this truly wonderful party.


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