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İtaly of the Caucasus-Georgia

With its developing infrastructure, Georgia is attracting more and more tourists every year. You can examine our travel content in detail for a comprehensive and enjoyable itinerary that you will plan on the axis of Tbilisi and Batumi, the most visited cities of the country. The official language of Georgia is Georgian. Most people also speak Russian, as the country was part of the Soviet Union between 1921 and 1991. Spread over 350 km² of the country and a population of 1 million 345, Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia.

Where is Georgia?

Georgia, located in the South Caucasus and on the eastern coast of the Black Sea; It borders Russia in the north, Armenia in the south, Azerbaijan in the east and Turkey in the southwest. The western border of Georgia is drawn with the Black Sea.

When to go to Georgia?

Due to the differences in landforms, different climatic characteristics are seen in each region of Georgia. While warm and humid weather prevails in the regions close to the Black Sea coast, winters are quite difficult due to the continental climate that manifests itself in the eastern regions. Since Tbilisi and Batumi are the leading places to visit in Georgia, if you are planning to travel to these cities, the most suitable months will be spring and summer.

Georgia Transportation Facilities

In our neighboring country, Georgia, trains and buses are actively used in intercity transportation. You can use public buses or taxis in the country, which has very comfortable transportation opportunities within the city. Some cities also have public taxis. You can travel faster and more economically with taxis that move when full. If you prefer to visit the important cities of Georgia freely and have a comfortable journey, you can rent a car.

Georgia Attractions

Tbilisi and Batumi are among the most visited cities in Georgia, which are in demand by tourists. Known for its proximity to Europe, its attractive nature, historical and cultural riches and hospitality, the country has many special sightseeing routes.


Tbilisi, one of the important points of the Silk Road, whose place in world history is indisputable, has historical artifacts preserved for centuries. The Old Tbilisi region, which promises a nostalgic experience with its original texture and structures that stubbornly survive against modern architecture; With its sulfur baths, it is a frequent destination especially for tourists seeking healing. If you want to relax and relax your body, you can swim in these pools and benefit from the massage service offered in Turkish baths. If you want to witness the bird’s eye view of Tbilisi, you can turn your route to Narikala Castle after the Old Tbilisi region. You can reach Narikala Castle, which fascinates with its splendor and promises peace with its evening view, on foot or by cable car. In addition, there are many churches and cathedrals in the city, especially Kashveti, Anchiskhati, Sioni, Metekhi Church; However, Sameba Church is one of the most visited churches among these churches. Known for its gold-plated dome, the church features handmade drawings and artwork. After the touristic places, you can be a part of the city life by walking on Rustavelli Street, where Freedom Square, where the heart of the city beats, is located at one end. You can take a short break from your tour at various cafes and restaurants along the street and government buildings.


You can witness the preserved natural and historical beauties on one side of Batumi, the port city built on the Black Sea coast, and the modern and colorful European life on the other. In Batumi, which has similar sides to European cities, there are two important squares that describe exactly this definition. The first of these is the European Square, where the Statue of Medea, which refers to Greek mythology and holds a golden sheepskin, is located, and the other is the Piazza Square, which includes places where you can have a pleasant time such as cafes, restaurants and shops with its architectural texture that will not look like Italy. The astronomical clock found in Prague and Venice is also located in Batumi. The astronomical clock, which is under protection by UNESCO and located on the Old Bank Building, rings with the sound of bells every hour and shows the positions of the sun and moon to its visitors. If you are looking for interesting works that cannot be seen everywhere, you should also see the Alphabet Tower after the astronomical clock. In order to emphasize the importance of Georgian, which is one of the 14 alphabets that still exist from past to present, 33 letters of the alphabet are visibly placed in the tower, which was built in 2012. You can take the elevator to the top of the tower, which is 130 meters long, and watch the Black Sea coast and Batumi panoramically. Inverted House, Botanical Garden, Ali & Nino Statue, Neptune Fountain, St. Nicholas Church is among the other routes you can visit in Batumi.

Where to Stay in Georgia

Various accommodation options are offered in the touristic cities of Georgia, especially in Tbilisi and Batumi. You can spend a comfortable holiday by choosing 5-star hotels among the hotels on the banks of the Kura River in Tbilisi. If you have a more economical and safe preference, you can still prefer boutique hotels on the Kura River. If you want to be close to the historical routes in the city, you can look for accommodation options in the city center or in Old Tbilisi. The same variety is also found in Batumi. In the city, where comfortable and luxurious hotels are located on the beach, you can also have a pleasant stay in boutique hotels that have been restored from historical buildings around the Old Boulevard. Boutique Hotel 32, Light Palace Hotel and Hotel Park; It is one of the most preferred accommodation options in the city.

What Gift to Buy from Georgia?

For those who want to buy country-specific gifts, there are many souvenir shops in Georgia. In addition to gifts such as postcards, magnets, t-shirts, you can also choose silver or metal handmade knives, traditional Kantsi horns, Papakhi and Teka wool hats, and second-hand antique pieces. Dry Bridge Bazaar is the most preferred spot for traditional gifts in the capital Tbilisi.

Georgia Nightlife

Tbilisi and Batumi are the preferred cities of the country for its colorful nightlife. From discos to entertainment centers, you can have fun to the fullest in places that are open until the first light of the morning. Quieter places such as cafes, restaurants and bars are scattered throughout the streets of cities. The most preferred places of the capital Tbilisi; Bassiani, Mtkvarze, Blow Bar and Tbilisi Pub Crawl.

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