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Cold Paradise on Earth-Norway

Norway, the land of happiness, is one of the countries admired for its warm hearts, unique fjords and magnificent architecture. Norway is a paradise with the harmony of white and green. Norway is one of the countries with the highest welfare level. The United Nations has described Norwegians as the happiest people in the world. Norway, located in the Scandinavian peninsula in the north of Europe, is one of the countries that attract attention with the duration of the night and day. In Norway, where most of the day is dark in winter, it is an unforgettable experience to watch the Northern Lights, one of the most impressive natural phenomena in the world, which is the result of the interaction of the magnetic field of the poles and the sun.

When to go to Norway ?

Another beauty can be discovered in Norway in every season. In Norway during the winter months (December, January, February) temperatures are below freezing; This period is ideal for ski holidays in Norway. If you want to discover the intricacies of nature walks and cycling, you can visit Norway in April and May, when the precipitation is the least. If you want to visit the unique fjords, lakes and forests of Norway in a warmer weather, you can choose the summer months when the temperatures reach 20°C. If you visit Norway in the winter (September to March) you can spot the magnificent Northern Lights, and in the summer (April to August) you can enjoy the White Nights.

Transport Opportunities in Norway

In many cities in Norway, it is very easy to get around the cities on foot, as the streets and alleys are clearly arranged. If you want to take a city tour on foot, we recommend that your shoes and clothes be protected against the cold. In many cities in the country, urban transportation is provided by buses and trams. It is possible to buy tickets for these vehicles online in advance. You can download applications showing city bus and tram routes on your phone or get help from tourist information points in cities. Taxis are also available in Norway, however, taxi fares are usually expensive. If you are one of those who prioritize comfort, you can consider the option of renting a car and examine the vehicle options that Pegasus offers according to your travel date range and the location you want to pick up.

Places to Visit in Norway

The natural beauties and cultural riches of Norway are endless with its fjords, mountains, and its original preserved islands. We have listed below for you the places you must see in this unique and happy northern country.

Oslo Royal Palace

Located in Oslo city center, the Royal Palace is one of the most popular structures in Scandinavia. Built in the 19th century, this palace has 172 rooms. The palace draws attention with its architecture, magnificent halls, peaceful garden and king guards.

Viking Ship Museum

Three Viking ship remains are exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum, which is part of the Cultural History Museum of the University of Oslo. Of these shipwrecks, the most intriguing is the Oseberg, excavated from the world’s largest ship burial. The museum also contains Viking-era sledges, wooden materials, and horse-drawn carriages.

Vigeland Park

Filled with works by the famous sculptor Gustav Vigaland, this park is Oslo’s largest park. The park continues along a 850m long road; It is an open-air museum in which exactly human-sized sculptures describe the harmony of human-nature in a unique way. The park, which is free to enter, is open 24 hours.

Pulpit Rock

Watching the unique view of the Norwegian fjords from the top, this famous rock is one of Norway’s favorite climbing areas. Also known as the “Preikestolen Cliff”, this rock is 600 meters high. Those who want to watch Norway from a bird’s eye view must travel a distance of approximately 4 km on foot.

Geiranger Fjord

The Geiranger fjord is perhaps the most impressive of Norway’s hundreds of fjords. At this Point where the Geirangeva river meets the fjord, you can wander around the village of Geiranger or rent a canoe to paddle through Scandinavia’s most peaceful waters. In addition, marathons and bicycle races are held here every year in June.


Located in the city of Bergen on Norway’s southwest coast, these colorful village houses are the symbol of Norway. Bergen City, whose history dates back to 1070, is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is very enjoyable to take a stroll in this romantic and historical city in spring. It is also possible to find many local delicacies in the city that you cannot get enough of.

Where to Stay in Norway ?

Norway has many different accommodation options, from the most luxurious ice hotels to affordable hostels and apartments; Oslo, the most visited city in the country, is very rich in terms of accommodation. If you want to stay in a lively and nightlife area in Oslo, you can choose the city center (Karl Johans Gate) and the Frogner district. If you are looking for more affordable alternatives, you can take a look at the Gamle Oslo and Majorstua regions.

What and Where to Eat in Norway?

Norway is a country where fisheries are highly developed, so it is famous for its seafood. Large fish such as salmon and mackerel, small fish such as herring and delicacies such as caviar and fish paste are consumed frequently in Norway. In addition, lamb and reindeer meat are among the animal foods consumed in Norway. Norway’s pancakes, breads and potato dishes are highly appreciated as well as the taste of their meat. We have listed the most famous flavors of Norway and the Norwegian restaurants where you can find these flavors:

  • Fårikål (Lamb), Kjøttkaker (Norwegian meatballs): Restaurant Schrøder/ Oslo
  • Brunost (Brown Cheese): Proseccheria Resturant & Vinbar/ Oslo
  • Fish soup: Rorbua/ Oslo
  • Types of Fish & Mussels: Bryggeloftet & Stuene/ Bergen

What Gift to Buy from Norway?

You can buy warm gifts for your loved ones from Norway. Wool sweaters and special cold-resistant clothes are among the most meaningful gifts that can be received from a cold country like Norway. Those who like more traditional motifs might consider Viking-themed magnets and key chains or wood-carved mini statues. Amber is also widely processed in this region. You can gift these stones and accessories made of stones to your loved ones. In addition to the boutique shops and shops you can find on the streets, you can find many shopping centers in Oslo. Paleet, Oslo City Shopping Center, Storo Storsenter are some of the shopping centers you can stop by.

Norway Nightlife

Nightlife in Norway is quite lively; however, it should be taken into account that venues can be expensive. Entertainment culture is generally based on bars, discos and nightclubs. You can find many entertainment venues open until morning on Karl Johan Gate street in Oslo. In addition, Aker Brygge is one of the important entertainment centers in Oslo.


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