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Cradle of Cultures-Turkey

Turkey, which has been home to various and important cultures throughout history, from the Roman Empire to the Byzantine, from the Ottoman Empire to the Hittites, is home to rich touristic destinations. In addition to the fascinating beauty of the Bosphorus, which connects Anatolia and Europe, there are magnificent beaches, modern places to visit, historical regions such as Ephesus and Gallipoli, natural paradises such as Butterfly Valley and Ayder Plateau. There are also extreme sports centers such as skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping and rafting. All these beauties will offer you opportunities for a holiday and rest in Turkey to the fullest.

List of Places to Visit in Turkey

If you want to make a historic trip to Turkey, you can find traces of many dominant cultures in many parts of the country, such as Rome, Ottoman, Byzantine, Hittite, Seljuk, Lycian, Ionian. In many cities, buildings such as the “Acropolis”, which was used as a city center in Roman times, and the “Hippodrome”, which serves as an entertainment center, await historical travelers.

If you are interested in places to visit in Turkey, we have prepared a list for you

1. If you are planning a holiday in Turkey where everything will come together, the city of Istanbul is for you. Also, be sure to stop by the so-called “Kapalı Çarşı” (Grand Bazaar), which contains ancient traditions and cultures.

2. The cities of Antalya and Mugla are ideal for enjoying luxury resorts, swimming in the sea and meeting and chatting with visitors from all over the world. Especially Fethiye, Bodrum and Alanya stand out with the options they offer on these issues.

3. If you want to visit the Peri Baca, the place to go is Cappadocia.

4. Mount Nemrut in Adıyaman is a fairy tale place where you can see gigantic statues

5. If you want to see one of the oldest ruins in history, turn your route to Göbeklitepe in Şanlıurfa.

6. If you want to spend an economical holiday, Marmaris will be an ideal choice with its deep blue sea and golden sand.

The country where Eastern and Western art meet

Due to its geographical location, Turkey is heavily nourished by both Eastern and Western cultures. The museums in Anatolia, where the oldest and most powerful communities of human civilization, such as the Hattians, Ionians, Assyrians and Persians, left their mark, have rich collections. You will almost forget how time passes in these museums, which cover the period from the Neolithic period to today’s Turkey.

Museums in Turkey

The most outstanding examples of Islamic art are spread all over the country. The works of modern artists can be found in modern art museums around the Bosphorus. Turkey is a country rich in art, where Eastern and Western philosophies are intertwined. Although Istanbul Modern operates in the country and captures the pulse of contemporary art in the country, it is possible to meet talented artists of the country in the art galleries around Beyoglu, Besiktas, Kadikoy and Karakoy. You can look at the history of the country in cultural structures such as the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Topkapi Palace Museum and Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

Concerts and festivals in Turkey

The most famous names in the world often come to Turkey to give concerts. Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bursa with their concerts in the city, the people of the city come together and have fun. It is also famous for its music festivals in Turkish resorts, beaches and forests. Festivals such as Chill-Out Turkey, Cappadox, Zeytinli Rock and Electronica are just a few of the events that bring together music lovers and showcase colorful images. Cinema, literature, theater, sculpture, poetry … Whether in the East, or in the West, or universal … Every field of art has a place in Turkey.

Fun Things to Do in Turkey

Places to visit in Turkey do not always have to be cultural or historical. Those who just want to have fun can find a lot to see in Turkey. And most of them are free! Covered in the Black Sea, spruce and beech forests, Cappadocia has unusual natural structures, where you can swim among the ancient ruins. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts inspire travelers to have fun. You can find any entertainment you are looking for in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara.

Gourmet Route: Food Culture in Turkey

If you want to explore Turkish food culture, be prepared to gain a few pounds. Home to abundant syrupy sweets, spicy meat and delicious pastries, Turkey is especially famous for its street delicacies. The doner restaurants you see on every street, the meatballs (kofte) roaming the streets and, of course, the classic Istanbul fish bread are the dishes you can easily find on the streets of Turkey. In addition, mussel stuffing, boiled corn, chestnut kebab and coconut are popular Turkish street dishes …

Qaziantep Gourmet Tour

The origin of baklava should be Gaziantep. This city, which presents the most famous baklava brands in the country, is also very famous for its kebabs. If you are in Gaziantep, you can understand why this city was chosen by UNESCO as the “Most Creative City” in the field of gastronomy.

Don’t miss the street tastes: Istanbul Gourmet Tour

What about Istanbul’s food culture? No Istanbul resident can enjoy anything other than eating fish and bread with a view of the Eminonda Bosphorus. Along with street delicacies, some of the country’s best restaurants can be found in Istanbul. Everything from molecular gastronomy to world cuisine can be found in this city.

As you can see, Turkey is a rich country that can offer you many different travel suggestions depending on your travel purpose. Never miss this trip!

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