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The driest place on earth

An uncommon journey starts here

Most people who choose places to travel try to go to warm regions, instinctively avoiding the cold, but some, on the contrary, for the sake of vivid impressions, go to places where cold is the usual and natural weather. In view of this, Antarctica is considered a popular place to visit, which is trying to be visited by almost 50 thousand people a year, which is quite surprising. It is worth noting that the duration of the trip can vary and take from 10 to 40 days, depending on why the tourist is going there. The ships have a clear course along which they go around the mainland, and at this time, tourists are told interesting and informative information about this place.

Preparation comes first

Considering where a person is going, one of the most important criteria is the right clothes, without which the journey simply won’t go well. In addition, some specific equipment may be required, therefore, all the details must be clarified in advance. It is worth noting that it is not so easy to get to the ice, because the number of travelers is specially limited, accordingly, the booking must be in advance, in the process the tourist must study the following nuances:

  • on which ship the trip will take place, its size and the number of passengers in general;
  • specific points of visit, as well as the entire route, including its purpose.
  • Possible recreational activities.

No matter how strange all these criteria sound, it will not hurt a person to learn about them, in addition, the price of the trip may depend on them. Regardless of the details, the journey will be expensive, as experienced sailors will need to keep an eye out for curious tourists and keep them safe, which is not easy.

In view of this, trips are organized in small groups so that tourists can get a lot of impressions and safety remains at the proper level. As for the purpose of the trip, many go to this harsh region in order to enjoy the power of nature, for the huge ice “rocks” simply cannot but take their breath away, especially at the moments when pieces break off from them and fall into the water.

Some Strange Rules That Travelers to Antarctica Should Know

Beware of the intruder you carry

Antarctica’s ecosystem is extremely fragile. Although mankind strives to protect this sensitive ecosystem, unfortunately, over the years, some non-native animal and plant species have been transported to Antarctica as a result of travels. Approximately 121 species of fungi, 72 invertebrates, 8 mammals and 3 bird species have been included in the Antarctic ecosystem thanks to human beings. In order to prevent further damage to the ecosystem, very serious hygiene rules have been put in place at the entrance to the country. Every product entering the area is thoroughly washed, disinfected and checked every day. (Special attention was paid to the Velcro on clothes, as they carried plant seeds that were too small to be seen with the naked eye.)

Leave the dolphins alone

There is also a set of rules for dolphin watchers. Although most of the rules are known, the authorities especially emphasize that you should not accompany the dolphin herd with your boat. When a boat dives among the dolphins and moves along with them, the dolphins are disturbed by the waves of the boat and they come to the surface and swim by jumping from the waves, although it is a nice experience to experience, in very difficult conditions like Antarctica, disturbing these animals just for a nice experience can lead to annoying results. can open. If you’re lucky, you’ll already see dolphins playing with the waves on their own initiative.

Forget to buy souvenirs

Everyone wants to take home something of value as a souvenir when they return from a trip. Often times, this thing can be a piece of bark or even a dry leaf from the beach. However, it is strictly forbidden to bring anything home from Antarctica. You won’t get any stones, feathers, bone remains or even a piece of earth. Even if you find something man-made, not just natural, you can’t buy it because what you find is most likely a piece of equipment used in scientific research. If you come across a fossil or something similar, write down the coordinates of where you found it, take a photo of it, and get away. This object, whose information you transfer, can be very valuable to a scientist.

The bad news for smokers is that you will have to carry your ashes with you for the rest of the journey.

Most of the rules in Antarctica are about not polluting the environment. Most rules are customary not to litter or graffiti on the ground. There are also rules such as not walking by the water, not throwing stones into the water in order not to pollute the water. There is an additional rule for smokers: You can only smoke in permitted areas, and you must have the ashes of your cigarettes with you and throw them away after you leave the country.

You can’t use the internet much.

Internet service is available on the continent, but it is extremely limited. Internet access is generally used for scientific activities. Because it’s pretty slow, ping times are high, and services like Steam are blocked. Even the use of Skype is not allowed. So if you go there, don’t rely on your Netflix subscription. If you want to watch The Walking Dead, it is useful to download and take it with you. It is said that internet hours on the continent should be planned wisely. Thus, it is possible to find the opportunity to look at social networks, Gmail inbox and Instagram photos. However, it took quite a long time to start the liking process.

Another interesting features about Antarctica

  • While the whole world is struggling with the corona epidemic, it is the only continent where the virus has not reached.
  • The largest and only land animal in Antarctica is the Belgica Antarctica beetle.
  • Metallica, one of the largest metal groups in the world, alsso gave a concert in Antarctica
  • During a restoration in 2017, researchers found fruitcake from Antarctica dating back 106 years. It is thought that the cake was produced in a biscuit factory called Healthland Palmas and was brought by English explorers between 1910-13.
  • Discovered in 1911 and flowing completely blood red, the “Bloodfall” waterfall is in Antarctica.
  • You can’t work in Antarctica until your wisdom teeth come out and your appendix is ​​removed.
  • Antarctica is the only continent on earth that does not have a time zone.
  • There are 300 lakes under Antarctica, and these lakes can remain unfrozen due to the heat of the earth’s center.
  • Antarctica was once as warm a place as California.
  • Thanks to Tinder, a scientist in Antarctica was able to date a woman camping 45 minutes away.
  • In 1977, an Argentine pregnant woman was sent to Antarctica. When the child was born, he was the first human born in Antarctica.
  • The highest temperature measured in Antarctica is 14.5 degrees


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