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Want a cool, affordable beach vacation?

Summer Vacation in Seaside Cities

When we think of a beach holiday, we think of a holiday in a small town where most of the time is spent by the sea. Because the beautiful sea is usually a small place to relax. However, some lucky cities around the world have beautiful beaches as small as settlements. Let’s take a look at the list of the most beautiful beach cities in the world.

Nice – France

Located in the south of France, Nice is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. The European elite has been spending the summer months in Nice for almost a century. There are about thirty beaches in Nice. Some of these beaches are open to the public and can be used for free. You have to pay to enter the beaches belonging to the beach club and hotels.

Nice is one of the most beautiful cities in France. So, if you are interested not only in swimming in the sea, but also in spending your vacation in a beautiful city, the city of Nice has a lot to offer. Beautiful historical city. Kent, BC. It was founded in 350 by the Greeks who migrated from Foca. Of strategic importance for its location, Nice has historically been home to different civilizations. Towards the end of the 19th century, Nice began to become a place of rest for European aristocrats. Nobles from various European countries spent several months of the year in Nice. Traces of this period, which is the beginning of the golden age of Nice, can be seen in the city.

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona, the largest city in Spain after the capital Madrid, deserves to be included in the list of the most beautiful beach cities in the world with about 5 kilometers of coastline and unique urban culture. Barcelona is a big city. Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, is the largest industrial city in Spain. However, unlike other industrial cities, Barcelona has managed to create a unique atmosphere by mixing its traditional identity with modern life.

About 10 million tourists come to Barcelona every year. The reason why the city is one of the most important tourist cities in the world is that the city offers something to almost everyone. Whether you’re into art, history, gastronomy or football, you’ll find something to keep you interested in Barcelona. Barcelona also offers visitors many options with its beaches. On these beaches, which are very close to the city center or the city center, the sea season usually lasts from mid-May to early November. Barcelona Beach is the most popular beach in the city. This beach, which is very popular among both Barcelona residents and tourists visiting Barcelona, is crowded almost every day. Being crowded on the beach may not sound like much. But this crowd is a fun crowd. Therefore, if you are going to spend a sea holiday in Barcelona, you should spend at least half a day for Barcelona, one of the most popular and fun beaches in the city. If you want to relax on a quieter beach after seeing Barcelona and having a lot of fun, Ocata beach is the place to go. On Ocata Beach, about half an hour from downtown Barcelona, you can find a place to relax even on the hottest days of summer.


If you want to spend your next vacation in a luxurious futuristic city, Dubai is the place to go. In recent years, Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. The biggest reason the city is so popular is that it offers visitors a holiday experience that they can’t live anywhere in the world. This place is very different from other cities in the list of the most beautiful beach cities in the world. All other cities on our list are cities built on natural beauty. Dubai is a city built despite natural conditions.

Due to the increase in tourism and business in recent years, the city has a very diverse population. Therefore, it is possible to hear many languages at the same time while walking the streets of Dubai. The biggest feature that distinguishes Dubai from other cities is that almost all of the city is man-made. Thanks to the wealth of oil and the vision of local governments, Dubai has become one of the most luxurious cities in the world. The sense of luxury of the city is one of the values inherent in the city. What can be considered extreme in other cities can be met normally in Dubai. The world’s most luxurious hotels, the largest shopping malls and the most expensive cars are in Dubai. There are many public and private beaches in Dubai. The pools of the city’s world-famous hotels are as popular as the city’s beaches. Among the most beautiful beach cities in the world, the most popular beach in the city is Sunset Beach. The photos of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which we often see when writing about Dubai on the Internet, are mostly taken from this beach. As the name suggests, the best time to visit this beach is at sunset.

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the city with the most famous beaches in the list of the most beautiful beach cities in the world. It is impossible to think of Rio apart from the carnival and the beaches. Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. The ethnic diversity that can be seen in almost all of Brazil also paints Rio de Janeiro. An interesting picture emerges when the tourists who come to Rio are added to this ethnic diversity. Rio Carnival is winter for us, but this season is summer in Brazil. Rio Carnival is a good choice for those who are thinking of a different holiday in the winter.

The beaches are an integral part of Rio de Janeiro. World famous beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana are among the most important tourist attractions in Rio. Thanks to these beaches, Rio is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. Ipanema beach in the shadow of Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers) hills. Ipanema, which is quieter than Copacabana, another popular beach in the city, is a place where different social groups come together. Before settling on the beach, take a small walk on the beach and choose the one closest to you from all these groups of people. Copacabana Beach is the most popular beach in Rio de Janeiro. This five-kilometer-long beach is crowded every day of the sea season. Although Copacabana is crowded, it is worth seeing. Because this is one of the most important moments of Rio’s fun life. The beach is becoming one of the craziest places in the world, especially at the New Year and Rio Carnival. If you are going to Rio during one of these periods, you must join one of the parties in Copacabana.


Like Rio, Miami is an inseparable city from its beaches. Miami’s beaches are part of the city’s lifestyle. That’s why millions of Americans and tourists from all over the world come to Miami every year. Miami, one of the most beautiful beach cities in the world, is located in the southern United States. The capital of Florida, Miami, is not only a beach city, but also an important city for the business world. That’s why you can see two people in suits and beachwear side by side on the streets of Miami. The majority of Miami’s population is Latin. This structure of the population inevitably ensures a comfortable atmosphere in the city. The best part about Miami beaches is that all the beaches are open to the public and free. You can swim in Lummus Park Beach, South Pointe Park Pier and Surfside Miami. We said “swim”, but it’s worth remembering that in Miami you will enter the ocean, not the sea. If you have no previous experience swimming in swollen waters, be careful when swimming in Miami.


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