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Top – Rated Tourist Attractions in Indonesia with photos.

Places to visit in Indonesia consist of historical temples that have survived for centuries and scenic natural beauties overlooking the deep blue oceans. Indonesia, one of the popular tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, consists of 18,330 islands, of which only six thousand are inhabited. In this way, Indonesia, also known as the world’s largest archipelago, has 167 active volcanoes. This country, which is a favorite of honeymooners and travelers who want to explore new places, dazzles with its nightlife full of crazy fun, tropical forests with its virgin places, vast beaches with clear waters and diving spots that reveal rich underwater life.


Mostly frequented by honeymooners, Bali is one of the must-visit vacation destinations for everyone. There is self-government on the island dominated by Hinduism. You can see temples everywhere. Hindus and Muslims can live together here and perform their prayers in their respective places of worship. Places to visit in Bali offer deep blue sea on one side and lush nature on the other. It is impossible not to experience the feeling of teleporting to another world while traveling. While seeing different species in the Monkey Forests, you can visit historical temples and learn about the laws of monkeys. Leke Leke Waterfall, on the other hand, looks like a piece of heaven in nature.


Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations after Bali. Pronounced ‘Jogjakarta’, this city is a wonderful place. You can see the most beautiful sights of Indonesia here. It will be enough to spend 4 days in this place that you can choose for your holiday. You can capture unforgettable moments by taking pictures in the view of Kalibiru National Park. Taking pictures in touristic places is almost a tradition in Indonesia. Although the number of tourists has decreased recently, it is paid to take photos in these places where millions of tourists flock.


Another holiday destination is Lombok Island. Like other places, every tourist finds it worth exploring the natural beauties overlooking the deep blue sea. Rinjani Mountain is another place that everyone admires on the island, which has beautiful sightseeing spots. This place, which is a volcanic mountain, offers you a sight worth seeing. Also, as Lombok is a method center, there are also royal palaces here. The palaces, whose architecture is quite simple, are open to visitors on certain days and hours. The Su Palace, which is the resting place of the royal family next to the main palace building, is a place that attracts everyone’s attention with its centuries-old history.


This is a nice address among the places to visit in Indonesia. It is possible to see the traditional life of the people in the village. You can see Indonesia’s beautiful living culture and houses, and have the opportunity to meet the local people. People are friendly and very nice. They will not hesitate to welcome you with a smiling face and tell you about their culture. While visiting traditional houses in this place, where Hindu temples are also located, you can come across old and new temples of various sizes. For a polytheistic religion there are more than 350 gods and they have built separate temples for each. This religious belief revealed the existence of historical temples.

Borobudur temple

Located an hour away from Yogyakarta, this temple site is also a historical value from ancient times. Today it is only open for tourism purposes. It only took 100 years to be restored. Some of the stones in the temple were removed by the local people to be used in the construction of houses. Still, this place, which is on the UNESCO heritage list, is an enormous structure worth seeing. It has the distinction of being the largest one-piece temple in the world.

Kawah Ijen crater

This crater is one of the outstanding addresses among the places to visit in Indonesia. Those who want to see the magnificent phenomenon of nature should definitely stop by here. This is the world’s largest acid lake. After a long and difficult walk, you can watch the lake view here. Wearing a mask is helpful. A mask is essential to protect yourself from the sulfur smell. Sulfur acid is very important as it is the livelihood of the people living here.

Komodo National Park

Consisting of Rinca Island, Komodo Island and several small islets, Komodo National Park is the natural habitat of giant carnivorous Komodo Dragons, which can reach up to three meters in length. While the animals that roam freely all over the island generally do not harm people, with their experienced guides, visitors are safer. Komodo National Park also has a world-renowned scuba diving centre.


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